Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Contestants List Updates: Six Contestants Revealed?

bigg boss telugu ott contestants list starting date

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is all set to woo the Telugu Bigg Boss fans after a successful finale of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. The new format of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will excite the audience as it is a shorter version of the controversial reality show. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants list will finalize soon as the starting date is expected in February 2022. The host of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will be Nagarjuna. The focus shifts to the confirmed contestants list of Bigg Boss OTT Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Contestants List

  • Anchor Varshini
  • Shiva
  • Vaishnavi Chaitanya
  • Jabardasth Varsha
  • Warangal Vandhana
  • Nikhil (Youtuber)
  • Dhee 10 Raju

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants List Updates

With a month to go for the grand premiere of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT, several ex-Bigg Boss Telugu contestants are contacted by the makers. The duration of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will be for seven weeks. There will be a 24 hour live feed on Disney+ Hotstar for Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. There is official confirmation that no common people will enter the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house as contestants. As of now, Anchor Varshini and Actor Shiva are the confirmed contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT.

The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT are in talks with atleast six known Bigg Boss Telugu contestants from previous seasons and celebrities. The makers are still in talks with five of the above mentioned probable contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. However, official confirmation is yet to be sought.

The production team looks forward to making some special changes to the format of the Bigg Boss show. However, the shorter duration of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will play a major impact in the minds of the audience ahead of Bigg Boss Telugu 6. Hence, the contestants list updates will continue in The News Crunch for Bigg Boss Telugu OTT .


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