Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner is Abhijeet, Who Will Be The Runner Up? Social Media Voting Results Revealed!

bigg boss 4 telugu winner

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 will light up the television screens across India. With celebrities like Allu Arjun gracing the exhilarant finale of India’s biggest entertainment reality show, the buzz around the winner is imminent. However, the grand finale suspense will continue as the host Nagarjuna will set the tone for the event.

The fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is coming to an end. Though, its level of entertainment was on the lesser side compared to the previous season, the audience found their favorites in one of the five deserving finalists. Abhijeet was a heartthrob from the first day and his exceptional consistency of performances, connection with the audience worked in his favor.

At one stage in the show, there was very less possibility to have two female contestants in the finalists list for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. However, the resurgence of Ariyana from an underdog to an over achiever guaranteed her a strong fan base and a place in the finals. Harika’s peak performance towards the end edged out Monal out of the race.

Sohel’s performance dropped towards the end but he was good enough to reach the grand finale. Akhil Sarthak rode on his fan support and ticket to finale performance to enter the finals.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Winner

Abhijeet is the winner of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. There are several rumors circulating on social media regarding the same. Abhijeet was leading in several grand finale voting polls held on social media.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Runner Up

Sohel or Ariyana will be the runner up of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu according to major polling reports. However, Nagarjuna might serve a twist in this case.

Neverthless, an eventful and entertaining season of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu draws to a close. In spite of procedural obstacles and Covid-19 threat, the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu held their guards to conduct a phenomenal event which held the audience to support them. Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel, Ariyana and Monal earned huge fan bases outside the house and this could translate into successful careers.



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