Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote Online Week 6: These are the contestants nominated for elimination

Bigg Boss 4 Week 6 Vote online

Bigg Boss Telugu has entered its 6th week and there is chaos galore. This week’s nomination process has begun and there is going to be a lot of drama yet to unfold. Bigg Boss 4 Telugu began with a total of 16 contestants which saw some wildcard entries as well. Last five weeks we have seen some shocking and some expected eliminations. This week the situation is tight and the environment is tense as some of the major players find themselves in the race to be eliminated. The nomination process for the sixth week will be intense. This week will see nine contestants being nominated.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Elimination Nominations

The following contestants will be nominated for eliminations this week:

  • Divi
  • Monal
  • Lasya
  • Abhijeeth
  • Ariyana
  • Noel
  • Akhil
  • Harika

Sai Kumar With them being in the red zone, danger keeps screaming around the corner for these contestants. But which contestant will be eliminated this week is a huge question depending on popularity and their contribution to the house. The last few weeks saw Suryakiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli and Sujatha being eliminated from the show. There is a chance that Monal, Lasya, Ariyana, Akhil and Noel will be saved this week as well.



  1. Abhi is correct and he was good. Abhi was not doing more mistakes. All are dng mistakes but big boss and housemates unnecessarily throughing mistakes on abhi. Akhil was not finding to nominate abhi. So he is finding silly reasons for abhi.

  2. Akhil depending on monal for telecast space
    If any body talk about monal she will cry and tell that whole india is seeing the show i.e national media
    Are the same audience not observing her dressing not good her behaviour

  3. Abhi id best ever. Akhil playing safe game. . And.. No use of body… Judy for showputup…. No use for games are tasks….. ముచ్చు నాకొడుకు akhi

  4. There seems to be some understanding between monal gazzar and organisers. Otherwise why she has been given entry at all to the show when it is clearly known that this is a Telugu reality show and she does not know ABCD of Telugu language and is still being continued.


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