Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote Online Week 2 – Gangavva nominated for second time with 8 other contestants, who will get eliminated? Vote Now

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Week 2

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is entering Week 2 with 9 contestants nominated in this week for elimination. All these contestants self nominated themselves in the hope that fans will vote and save them. Let’s hope Nagarjuna takes class for these contestants during weekend to make them realise the importance of not throwing away a chance of being a Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestant.

The nominated contestants for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 2 are

  1. Gangavva
  2. Noel
  3. Monal Gajjar
  4. Syed Sohel
  5. Karate Kalyani
  6. Amma Rajasekar
  7. Kumar Sai
  8. Harika
  9. Abijeet

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Online

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Voting Week 2

Monal Gajjar
Syed Sohel
Karate Kalyani
Amma Rajasekar
Kumar Sai
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