Bigg Boss Telugu 4 8th December 2020: Will Monal or Harika Get Least Votes in Voting Results For Week 14 Elimination?

bigg boss telugu 4 14th week elimination voting results

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 enters the fourteenth week with the finals just around the corner. With just six contestants in the house, the final nominations task for this season of Bigg Boss Telugu took place with much vigor. All the five contestants except for the ticket to finale winner, Akhil were nominated for eliminations this week. One of them will be eliminated in the weekend episode hosted by Nagarjuna.

Jabardasth fame Mukku Avinash was the last contestant to be evicted from the show.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Elimination Nominations List For This Week

  • Abhijeet
  • Sohel
  • Harika
  • Avinash
  • Monal

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results and Trends This Week –  8th December 2020

  • Harika – 9% vote share
  • Monal – 10% vote share
  • Abhijeet – 42% vote share
  • Sohel – 15% vote share
  • Ariyana – 24% vote share

This week’s elimination voting results will be a crucial one for the contestants wishing to enter the top 5 from the nominations list this week. It is clear that Ariyana is here to stay after weeks of lurking in the bottom two or three of the nominations list. Bigg Boss Telugu’s top two contestants are Sohel and Abhijeet and there is no doubt about their impact on the audience.

The real fight for elimination this week will be between Harika and Monal. Sohel is also in danger but compared to Monal, his fan base is bigger and better. Ariyana lasted quite some time in the house in spite of entering as an underdog. Monal’s support from Harika made a lasting impact on Harika’s image among the audience. Avinash exhausted his eviction free pass last week to save himself from eviction.

According to reports, there could be a very close competition between Monal and Harika this week which will decide the top five contestants of the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant in Week 14 Online Voting Method

How to vote in Hotstar for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Disney+ Hotstar App?

    1. Open Play Store or iOS Appstore in your Mobile.
    2. Search for the ” Disney+ Hotstar ” app and Install the latest version.
    3. Now open the Hotstar app.
    4. Go to the “Bigg Boss Telugu” page.
    5. Below the stream, you will find an option to vote.
    1. Click the “Vote now” button.
  1. Choose your Favourite Contestant.
  2. You have 50 votes each day to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 4.
  3. Missed call voting method is also available, and that information is given below.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Missed Call Numbers Week 14

  • To vote for Monal in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote week 13 Elimination, Dial 8886658201
  • To vote Ariyana in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote week 13 Elimination, Dial 8886658213
  • To vote Avinash in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote week 13 Elimination, Dail 8886658218
  • To vote Harika in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote week 13 Elimination, Dial 8886658208
  • To vote Abhijeet in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote week 13 Elimination, Dial 8886658204


  1. Plz vote for monal and ariyana plzz .first y becoz monal is a genune playe at first ,and she take all as positive and y aryana is istha also a lady tiger ,and if we vote for her ,the money will usefull to her ,so plz vote

  2. Please vote for monal and save her dont think about ariyana psycho she is n harika fake or safe game , monal is innocent n sensitive not cunning not selfish please save beauty queen monal


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