Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Winner: Sreemukhi is Not The Winner of BB Telugu 3, Asserts Her Brother Sushruth As Her Fake Picture Goes Viral!


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is all set for a grand finale this weekend. As contestants geared up for their memorable reunion, a lot is at stake for the finalists. Fans are wooing for their favorites and the audience are pretty happy with the way this season has shaped up.

The finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 are Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Rahul and Ali Reza. However, Rahul and Sreemukhi are touted as favorites to win the title.

‘Sreemukhi’s Viral Winning Picture With Nagarjuna is Fake: Sushruth’

While the battle between Sreemukhi and Rahul for title winner position intensifies, Rahul is clearly in the lead. However, Sreemukhi fans feel its too early to give up.

A lot of speculations about the winners and runner ups of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 are making the rounds on social media. However, it is unclear if they are rumours or actual news. Recently, a picture of Sreemukhi became viral on social media. In the picture, Sreemukhi is elated to be crowned as the winner and the host Nagarjuna is also seen in the picture.

Also seen in the picture, is another person whose face is smudged. It is speculated that the other person is Ali Reza. Hence, Ali and Sreemukhi were considered to be the final two out of which Sreemukhi was declared as the winner.

However, Sreemukhi’s brother Sushruth cleared the air about the speculation through a post on his Instagram account. He explained that the picture is fake and photoshopped. However, he urged Sreemukhi’s fans to keep voting for her and asked them not to get excited too soon.

Do you think Sreemukhi deserves to win the title? Let us know in the comments below.sreemukhi


  1. Y not much better than all contestants, she deserves it and Rahul have lots of draw backs, even after voting big boss has to see who is genuine /big to take decision, all the best sreemuki u r the winner,congrats

  2. Sudden change or shift in character n participation in task doesn’t make a person completely deserving. Abusive language and foul words are very bad attributes.

  3. Srimukhi winner avvali…first nundi last varaku game bagane adindhi…avaru anta mandhi balem chesina thanu…top 5vachindhi ante talent batti…antha mandhi abhimanula manusu lo geluchukundhi she is right plz biggboss3
    Srimukhi winner avvali….

  4. only sree deserves to be title winner if rahul wins d title den it will be the worst season he had done nothing in bigboss house rather dan abusing girl fighting with everyone he is one of laziest person in the house

  5. Sreemukhi one and only winner..She deserves it everybody is jealous about her game not able to digest her winning…that’s the power you have from family audience Sri…go for title brave girl…

  6. All the best sri mukhi love to see you winner, you have amazing attitude, great fighting spirit , one women against 4 men needs to be applauded.

  7. She doesnt deserve it .she is very cunning and manipulative, always doing everything for camera. Observe her eyes closely when she is consoling someone.she will be seeing if the camera is focussed on her or not.very bad and selfish girl.i think entertainment and dancing is fine but thats not what is the deciding factor

  8. Srimukhi deserves to win, as Rahul was dormant until he followed his mothers advice to participate is tasks. Srimukhi has done consistently during entire show

  9. Sree is d best….Rahul doesn’t deserve tittle…he doesn’t kept at least 43% of effort to win d tittle…he is too lazy & always back to punnu…but sree gave her 100per to win

  10. Srimukhi has gave her 100% since from beginning of the show, which has to be considered. Rahul started performing only from few weeks.
    So everyone has to consider their whole journey.

  11. రాహుల్ ప్రయాణం చూస్తే మొత్తం పున్నారణవి నే ఉంది .శ్రీముఖి మొత్తం గేమ్ పైన తన ఏకాగ్రత పెట్టింది అని నేను అనుకుంటున్న ఈ సీజన్ విన్నర్ శ్రీముఖి అయితే బాగుంటుంది…

  12. Only the deserved Bigg Boss telugu 3 title is sree. She performed very well in all aspects. Unfortunately, she is runner up. But I enjoyed watching Bigg Boss telugu only by sreedhar.

  13. Rahul really doesn’t deserve BB 3 title becoz he is the one guy who really not done any task properly but our Shreemukhi did good job and she played a proper game. Obviously BB3 is not for money it is to gain people’s heart. Shreemukhi achieved that.Rahul has played and is playing a very safe game.I pray Shreemukhi shud be the winner of BB 3

  14. First nundi chooste Rahul prati nomination lo unnadu. Taruvatha puranavi chuttu tirigadi. Ladies weakness vundi ani artham aindhi. Sudden ga change ayipoyanu anta ela. Na drustilo Rahul should not be in top 5.

  15. Rahul is one of the deserving contestants in final bcozz he is heart fully genuine in every situation either in good situations or bad situations he reacted to it in a genuine way so people liked him and no back bitching and cunning game he entertains the audience with his singing so he is the one who will win the title.

  16. Srimukhi is not eligible for winning. Rahul is liable for winning. Rahul won the race with low speed like tortoise Nd rabbit, with all problems. Anyhow I wish Rahul should win!

  17. Sree is one with positive attitude and gave tough competition to men in house …she is the one beauty with brain and grt in all aspects never involve in any conntraversies..she is the winner

  18. Varun is the winner.
    Rahul and sreemukhi are the worst contestants to win the bigg boss title…
    Or else any one can get the title except Rahul.Becoz he is worst and nasty fellow among all the contestants.


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