Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote Results for Twelfth Elimination 13th Week October 19: Vithika Fails to Make Vote Gains and Rahul Comfortably Leading At the Top on Day 4 of Audience Voting!

Vithika Sheru Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 completed its 89th day. The drama, chaos, fun and fights continue to a great extent in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. A lot of shoulders have been rubbed this week and Rahul’s nomination for eliminations is crucial. As Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters the decisive phase where contestants and audience are already talking about the finals, the twelfth elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 this week will be a very important one.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamannah, Rohini, Ashu , Ali Reza, Himaja, Ravi Krishna, Punarnavi and Mahesh have been evicted from the show. Ali Reza’s elimination was a shocker for the fans and contestants. However, he is back in the house with a tad lesser popularity than before.

All the seven contestants, Sreemukhi , Ali, Baba Bhaskar, Vithika, Varun, Rahul and Siva Jyothi are nominated for eliminations this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Rahul Is the Most Popular Contestant According to Major Polling Reports, Vithika is in Deep Trouble – Day 4 of Audience Voting – October 18th

Rahul is leading in major polling reports on day 4 of audience voting with a slightly reduced margin over Sreemukhi when compared to Day 1. Rahul is voted as the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. However, it was surprising to see all contestants getting nominated for eliminations this week. Though the contestants fought over their positions in the positions task, Bigg Boss provided a stunner by nominating everyone for eliminations in the 13th week.

Rahul and Sreemukhi lead the way. However, these early trends did not swing either way. Varun and Siva Jyothi are not safe by a mile. Though, Vithika and Varun are trailing the voting trends will not change based on the performances in the upcoming week. Vithika might end up alone at the bottom if trends continue this way.

Rahul Sipligunj is the only contestant to be nominated for ten eliminations so far. He got saved every time and also got fake eliminated once. However, this week might be crucial for Rahul Sipligunj’s army.


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Twelfth Elimination Vote Share According to News Crunch Polls – Day 4 of Audience Voting – October 18th

Varun – 11% vote share

Rahul – 27% vote share

Sreemukhi–  17% vote share

Baba Bhaskar – 14% vote share

Ali – 12% vote share

Vithika – 7% vote share

Siva Jyothi – 12% vote share

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Twelfth Elimination Week 13:

No Contestant Number
1 Vithika 8466 996 715
2 Varun 8466 996 714
3 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706
4 Siva Jyothi 8466 996 701
5 Baba Bhaskar 8466 996 708
6 Ali 8466 996 711
7 Sreemukhi 8466 996 713

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Voting Results for Twelfth Elimination

Which Contestant Will Get Saved This Week?

Siva Jyothi
Baba Bhaskar



  1. What popular vote ? Your website is Rahul’s proxy. It is annoying when one eagerly wants to know the real trend. BB2 was rigged by Kaushal (and now it is coming out in the open – Nani knew then). Now it is BB3 (Rahul proxy )

  2. Every thing will be changed tomorrow. Last elimination Mahesh was on Top, surprisingly eliminated. Varun was in last. Don’t worry. So many manipulations go by tomorrow.

  3. Guys fst see episodes properly do u thnk ali s gud see I vl say one point bfr rentry ali hating rahul guys remember tht properly but aftr renntry ali bcmng close y u know its nt bcz of frndshp I vl say .rahul fans kindly understand ths msgwhile ali in out of bigg boss house he saw out wt hpng nu here fr rahul army formd we knw tht ali also watched bfr rentry so rahul dhagra untae rahul fans ali ki support chestharu ani ali rahul ni misuse chesthunadu varun frndshp true but ali shivajothi idhru gossip chesi rahul ni varun dhagarninka lagkunaru meru real fans aithae rahul fans meru rahul ki true fans aithae baga thnk cheyandi okay papam varun rahul yentha fight chesina bagundaevalu but ths idiot ali frndshp kevalam chesi rahul ni misuse chesi ila vote kosam manchi frnds ni dhoram cheasdu so eliminate ali next elimination rahul fans show ur guts in ali elimination


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