Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote Results for Sixth Elimination: Ramya Krishnan Sizzles as New Bigg Boss Host, Elimination Suspense Continues!


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is knocking off the TRP records week after week. The success of the show this season is owed to the dynamic mixture of contestants, phenomenal hosting and a perfect blend of drama, romance, fun and controversies.

However, weekend episodes are all about suspense and tension in the house as one of the contestants will leave the house this week.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna, Rohini and Ashu are eliminated so far. Rahul, Himaja, Varun, Mahesh, Ravi Krishna and Punarnavi are nominated for eliminations this week. However, the secret task came in as a blessing in disguise for Rahul who is being targeted for eliminations every single week. Rahul, Varun and Ravi Krishna were declared immune to this week’s elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

The ‘Sivagami’ of Tollywood, Ramya Krishnan Sizzles As Host

The episode on Saturday saw a different kind of twist in the Bigg Boss house proceedings. As the host Nagarjuna was unable to make it to the shooting of the the weekend episodes, he was replaced by Ramya Krishnan popularly known as ‘Sivagami’ from her Baahubali fame.

Ramya Krishnan made a massive impact in her debut episode of hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 3. The audience were pretty happy with her insightful engagement with the contestants. Ramya Krishnan asked each contestant to explain what they like or dislike about each contestant in order to get to know the contestants better.

However, no information was revealed regarding the elimination this week. None of the three contestants were declared safe.

Big Boss Telugu 3 Vote Results  – Who Is Leading and Trailing?

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 sixth elimination nominations were yet again commanded by captain’s power. Siva Jyothi nominated Varun as the direct nomination and took Rahul’s name when there was a tie between Rahul and Vithika. Siva Jyothi is the captain of the house as she defeated Vithika in the captaincy task. This leaves Siva Jyothi safe from the fifth elimination this week.


Himaja trails the pack with the least number of votes so far. However, her vote difference is significantly reduced considering the support for Himaja from audience when compared to Punarnavi.

This elimination is the most unpredictable so far. Himaja was trailing by a considerable margin towards the beginning of the voting window. However, the gap has significantly reduced which puts Punarnavi and Mahesh Vitta in a spot of danger.

Punarnavi – 278592 votes

Mahesh Vitta – 295364 votes

Himaja – 275026 votes

From the audience votes count, it remains inconclusive as to who will be eliminated this week. himaja is the weakest contestant in terms of votes so far.


  1. Big boss sixth elimination unexpectly cancelled is not correct.try to avoid this type of rules in big boss.srimukhi and vikitha is unfit in big boss show.Varunsandesh Vikitha romans encouraging Nagarjuna also bad in big boss.


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