Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote Results for Sixth Elimination 7th Week September 8: Ali Reza Will Be Eliminated This Week?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is knocking off the TRP records week after week. The success of the show this season is owed to the dynamic mixture of contestants, phenomenal hosting and a perfect blend of drama, romance, fun and controversies.

Just like the ripples created in a stable pond, the addition of Shilpa Chakravarthy as the wild card entry has done the same thing to the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. The robbery task has added to its dose of controversies with rifts being exposed wide open as we near the 7th week elimination weekend this week.

Baba Bhaskar’s nomination for captaincy might give a stunning twist to the elimination this week. If at all the captain is given a chance to save one contestant irrespective of audience votes, Shreemukhi will be saved for sure.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna, Rohini and Ashu are eliminated so far. Rahul, Mahesh, Ali, Ravi and Shreemukhi are nominated for eliminations this week. The last weekend did not see any elimination though Himaja, Punarnavi and Mahesh were in the fray for eliminations. With the introduction of a wild card entry, elimination is a sure shot thing for this week. Considering four male contestants in danger, it is likely that the elimination for this seventh week will be a male contestant.

Is It the End of the Road for Ali Reza

From being one of the formidable contestants for title winner position, Ali Reza’s reputation and attitude saw a peak drop over the last one week. Ali and Ravi were the most strongest contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Ali and Mahesh were involved in a spat a few weeks ago. After that, Ali is been safe and strong for a considerable amount of time. He was nominated as captain for a week.

Interestingly, this is the first week Ali Reza is been nominated for elimination and it is reported that he is likely to be eliminated this week.

In the elimination vote results analysis for the poll conducted by the News Crunch, Ali Reza received the maximum amount of votes for elimination. His vote share was 28%.
Ali’s behavior during the robbery task and his issues with other members in the house seem to have backfired for this star contender in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Was Ali the right choice for elimination this week? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Hii Bigg boss
      I admit that Bigg boss show is very entertainment .I followed all the 3 seasons of Bigg boss .I’m very huge fan of this show .as an audience of this show plz I’m pleading u guys that plz send back Ali Reza to the Bigg boss house or conduct the re entry /double dhamaka like last season at whatever the cost may be, we The Bigg Boss Fans/audience/ and Fans of ALI REZA we want Ali Reza BACK in BIGG BOSS house .sir we request u to make a way for Ali Reza COME BACK

  1. Yes Ali is a strong contestant …how can you eliminate…politics are going on in boss Boss 3 .such a bad show…you can eliminate Mahesh..?

  2. Bigg Boss is fake not a reality show it’s just a script base show how Ali got eliminate he is very strong contestant in the house…..this is not right bigg Boss…..

  3. Audience open your ice Ali votes 3000+ Mahesh and rahul bouts are 2700+ this is not correct Ali is strong consistent this is vest Show

  4. Its very bad .. to us ..ali kosame chustam .eppudu am undi chuddaniki amma bigg boss waste …..asal ali nee BB-3 winner ..ani we expected.if big boss meku dammu unte vithika ni eliminate cheyyandi .okka inti nundi eddaru andhuku..

  5. Ali ni asalu avaru eliminate cheyaru .aslu wrong decision in Bigg boss. Plz send me again Ali to Bigg boss .he is the strong contestant in big boss.

  6. some manipulating games ,this is fake show don’t watch,mahesh and Rahul are worsts contestant, how can I eliminate Ali. This is fake show

  7. No meaning in eliminating Ali Reza. I think I stop watching BB 3. He should be eliminated after so many in the house. Definitely not at this juncture

  8. Vry bad elimination today….. not at all acceptable…… Ali is the most deserved contestant. Plz send him through wildcard fast ??

  9. There is no meaning of watching the show when Ali is eliminated because he is a strong contestant.whem he got elemenated it’s nothing but scripted programme. Now it’s nonsense of waching this program with so qurriosity..

  10. plz ali is strong ……. Without ali Bb show
    TRP ratings will be down……
    Really very unfair with ali
    Some politics is going on in BB show

  11. What the fuck,why ali is eliminated with out any reasons this is all fucking politics if ali is their their will be definitely heavy compilation so they eliminated with out any proper reason ??????Fuck off big boss
    Signing off goodbye bigg boss(ass hole)

  12. This is not fair I know the bigboss 3season what it is , but Ali is a strong contenser Nd he should give another chance I know he is anger management but he as changed a lot last week but once think and get back him please

  13. It’s a stupid move to remove Ali from the BB house. I don’t see any reason for removing an active contestant.
    Absolute no transpersncy and complete impartial n unjust decision.
    Majority of the remaining contestants are just living not playing.
    Please don’t spoil the show hosted by my favorite actor Shri Nagarjuna garu, thank you.

  14. Ali Raza is one of the strongest contestant in big boss house, he should be in big boss house, Last week in elimination they said there is no elimination, they saved himaja and punarnavi, otherwise in that one contestant will be eliminated, Now one of the strongest contestant is going out but bigboss is not interested to save him, There is a politics going in big boss3, this is not correct, there are other contestants also there who are not playing well they have to eliminate first, pls send back Ali Raza in big boss house, then there will be a good fight in the game.

  15. Big Boss season telugu3 antha ga bagaledu. evaru antha strong ga leru. strong ga ante Ali and Rahul Srimukhi inka evaraina kavachu.Ali eliminate ayyadu. epudu Big Boss evarikosam chudali. Srimukhi no use in big boss.

  16. May be Ali is physically strong but mentally he is damn weak, that we can see in the sand task he didn’t understand the essence of the task and he is blindly arguing with Varun. His sarcasm with rude dominance when he is put in to a situation the reality came out. Even Mahesh is same but he had the mask it will be removed in future by evacuating him. Now strategically Mahesh is covering that because he is not physically strong Compared to Ali. Feeling bossy is not about power but it is responsibility. This is the reason why Ali and Mahesh will get eliminated in future weeks.

  17. Srimukhi : chaala over confidence. yeppudu Rahul le na inka evarulera eliminate cheyadaniki.
    Baba : yedi serious ga thiskodu. funny chayali allways kaadu, prathidaniki navvithe bigg boss lo nduku no use in bigg boss
    Jyothi : thanu chala srong ga untundi. but prathidaniki yedavadam correct kaadu. ela unte no use in bigg boss.
    Mahesh: Now he is good. game lo thaneto chupinchali. naadi uduku raktham(Warm-blood). chudali warm or cold.
    Himaja: thanu strong person anukuntundi yedaina chebithevinali vinadu argument chesthundi.leda yedusthundi.
    Vithika: thanu bagane game play chesthundi but thana husband ni game adanivvadu natho time spend chei antundi ante edi own house kaadu kada BIGG BOSS. chusevallaku manchiga anipinchadu.
    Ponarnavi: thanu strong mentality yedaina moham meeda cheppesthundi. but game ki vachesariki anthaga game ply cheyadu. elimination lo matram game sariga aadaledani eliminate chesthundi mundu thanu baga aadali game.
    Varun: He is genuine ga untadu equall judgement esthadu thana wife iena sare rule is rule antadu.
    Ravi: He is innocent and strong ga untadu try chesthadu but pakkavalla decision thiskuntadu. vallu yedi chebithe adi chesthadu.thanu own ga decision thiskoni game aadithe baguntundi. pesions chala ekkuva.
    Shilpa: Chudali next week varaku. ledu hema laga unte fast ga bigg boss nunchi eliminate avuthadi.
    edi na opinion bigg boss housements meeda.

  18. I Hate bigg boss. ali is Elemented I dont see bigg boss ali is come back means I will see bigg boss nice person go out side. fake voteing PLZ ALI BHAI COME BAKE PLZ BIGG BOSS ALI COME BACK WILD CARD ENTRY PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ALI BHAI MISS U

  19. send back Ali..he is so energetic and strongest can he be eliminated…many waste people are there in the show like Punarnavi Vithika and Rahul playing drama in the house…the one who perform task is eliminated today.. Punarnavi always escapes from task and roam behind Rahul and Vithika..she will not entertain atall..but Ali is eliminated before her.. worst part of show

  20. I am the one of the huge fan of bigboss.but now I am not having interest to watch bb.its not fair.lastweek there is no elimination why. this week we are celebrating 50th episode .so there is a chance for no elimination .so we request you to send I’m again as reentry or wildcard.plz plz plz bigboss

  21. Hello bigboss Ali is a player who actually made the show interesting. He played very well.some players just taking high remuneration and simply passing time there. Sorry to say that No more I will watch the show. Please re-entry Ali in wild card………some are blaming It is Maa tv politics. Nagarjuna garu please re entry Ali

  22. Ali Reza we will miss you in big boss house all of sudden you were nominated in 7’th week and your fan base was not sufficient to save you,surely we will miss that charm in house you were terrific in physical tasks i thoroughly enjoyed your company with sreemukhi on HotStar.

  23. Yes without Ali we don’t like to watching biggboss biggboss is fake it’s not reality ali is strong contestant why they’re eliminated ali

  24. I stopped watching Bigg Boss. Without Ali it’s like women’s potluck show or pure women’s show.

    Entire my friends n families are all stopped watching


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