Bigg Boss Telugu 3 September 19th Day 59: Family Emotions Take Centre Stage, Contestants Share Their Emotional Side


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters a very crucial stage in the competition. Contestants have almost spent nine weeks in the house which was filled with drama, controversies, fights and romance. However, their emotional stress levels are at an all time high.

This season of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has been a very entertaining affair. The recent elimination nominations task was a classic example of the same. It would be interesting to see which contestant gets eliminated this week.

As the contestants battle it out within the house, their emotional longingness to meet or see their families is at an all time high. The makers of Bigg Boss took not of this and there will be two contestants families who will enter the Bigg Boss house.

Also, contestants were seen checking out the loved ones on the TV which made them breakdown emotionally. Is this a deliberate attempt to show which contestant is emotionally unstable in the house? We will wait and watch.


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