Bigg Boss Telugu 3 October 29: Will Hema’s Comments Affect Sreemukhi’s prospects of Winning the Title?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 nears its grand finale this weekend. With Siva Jyothi evicted last weekend, Sreemukhi is the only female contestant left in the house. A lot of voices were raised during the course of the season about the biased treatment received by Sreemukhi from the host Nagarjuna as well as from the makers of the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3’s finalists include just one female contestant, Sreemukhi. Sreemukhi is touted to be a strong probable contestant to win the title and her fan base is credible. However, the fans of Rahul do not seem to be giving up too easily.

Sreemukhi is in the news for the wrong reasons. It is a critical phase in the competition where contestants cannot afford to have negative propaganda against their image in the house.

Hema, who was the first contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has spoken against Sreemukhi and her strategy.

Hema said, “Everyone cooked up a strategy and wantedly sent me away from the house during the first week. Even before the show has begun, during the birthday celebrations of Sreemukhi, this plan was proposed. My entry was planned in an unimpressive manner. Sreemukhi is playing dual standards in the show. After Himaja came out of the show, I stopped watching the show. Sreemukhi is playing a wrong game.”

Twitter is boiling with fights and tussles between Rahul and Sreemukhi’s fans and it would be interesting to see if either of the two win the Bigg Boss Telugu 3.



  1. Ee 14 weeks Hema ekkada vundhi.. ippude enduku comment chestondi.. modatlo ne cheppochu gaaa.. kaavalane srimukhi ni target chestondi.. Hema capacity ento 1st week lone telisindi… 15 weeks house lo vunna srimukhi ekkada , 2 week ke pette beda saddesina Hema ekkada..
    Evarenni koosinaa Sri winner…

  2. Definitely no..Her words will not change people’s opinion.People have already watched wonderful 100 days journey of all the contestants. And Hema cheptondi kada tanu ela vundo alane vundi ani antha dominating character definitely strong contestant avvaledu. Two weeks is horrible to watch her dominance,forget about 100 days. Anyway ippudu gurthuku vachinda.

  3. This news channel is a PAID channel for Rahul. It has been shown over the last few weeks, the way their polls are run, manipulated and projected that he is the winner. Shame on you – the newscrunch team. You can do “something else” ..
    One person who really deserves is the dance master. He overcomes language barriers, knows how to adjust with everyone and puts up an entertaining show. On top of that, he does not have an army of organizers like Rahul (the con), Sree(the TV anchor), Jyothi (popular news reader) or other movie/serial actors. This man is a dancer in the background.
    He survived, he persevered. He is the winner in many ways.

  4. Srimukhi first nundi eppudu varaku game bagane aduthundhi… srimukhi always winner…abhimanula manusulo… Winner…
    Anth mandhi anni adhi niku blessing….ni moukam lo chirunavvu yappudu undali…

  5. Rahul is the deserving candidate for the prize money in deed.even he has not hidden his intention of having a saloon without ego. I feel hundred percent he only deserves.


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