Bigg Boss Telugu 3 October 20: Rahul vs Sreemukhi Fight, Are Rahul Sipligunj’s Allegations Over Sreemukhi True or Is He Being Targeted?


Weekend episodes with BB Telugu 3 host, ‘King’ Nagarjuna are always entertaining. The highlights of Saturday’s episode included the announcement of safe contestants from eviction this week. Rahul Sipligunj, Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar were saved from eliminations this week.

However, Nagarjuna brought up the much awaited discussion about the positions task in the house. The task involved Sreemukhi and Rahul Sipligunj getting into a fierce war of words between the two most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Does Sreemukhi Deserve the Number 1 Position?


Sreemukhi was questioned about her desire to be number 1. For this question, Sreemukhi responded saying, “”Besides giving my best for the tasks, I always made sure that I behave well with others. After coming to Bigg Boss show, my anger levels have gone down and I imbibed a lot of patience”.

Nagarjuna was quick to question her justification of improved anger management. Sreemukhi was furious while arguing with Rahul Sipligunj. Also, she has been locking horns with him time and again.

When Rahul was given a chance to explain his perspective of the incident, he said that Sreemukhi never treated him well and spoke in a very hateful manner. She is also trying to dominate the proceedings in the house.

Are Rahul’s Allegations Over Sreemukhi True?


“Nagarjuna Sir, I have been wanting to say this since a long time. I have come to know that Sreemukhi told housemates that she recommended me for the show. It is Vithika who told me this. I very well remember the situation when Vithika said that,” said Rahul to host Nagarjuna.

However, Vithika denied telling the same or having any sort of discussion with Rahul. Rahul reiterated that it was either Varun or Vithika who told him the same.

The common perspective of Rahul’s fans is that he is being targeted in the house. More often than not, Sreemukhi has received more support from the host Nagarjuna as well the contestants when compared to Rahul Sipligunj.

Do you think Rahul is telling the truth? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Mundhe army set cheskoni vochaadu rahul, also he never played any game properly, epudu bitch talks ey. Though sree is strategic she never did back talks and never blamed rahul, he started it, from 2nd week he started telling others about sree and anyone will take it to heart if in sreemukhi position.

  1. No Rahul never played. He is targeting Sreemukhi by false allegation.Rahuls way of talking against other contestants is not good.

  2. Rahul is misbehaving with srimuki and he is targeting her, the way he speaks with her is horrible from the beginning of the show he used lot many bad words against her but she didn’t say anything, it’s a game but Rahul is taking it personally, he is very good with other contestants but not with srimuki

  3. Yes rahul he said truth sreemukhi was a cunning girl she is not fit to house I want to see her as a runner but not as a winner

  4. Yes 100 percent rahul said is true …. He was targetted by sremukhi.. She is not at all playing game in good manner. .. I will support rahul only..Actually is not putting any false allegation on that srimukhi.. In fact there is no need to rahul to put such Allegation.. He is playing his good game no other contensts not having any fluctuation with. . Only srimukhi wantedly doing such rash behavior with rahul.. . I support rahul

    • No this is not true, if it is true why this so called 4 contestants(PVVR) going around giving interviews and claiming themselves they are good friends.Rahul targeted spree mukhi , he does all bad mouthing about sri with every one .
      His smile and so called all his fans saying he is genuine and all that is fake .
      In Ticket to finale task sri mukhi was trying to calm Ali and Babha Bhaskar to do task in a good way not with fight but this so called Rahul sitting quietly and as usual eating and having fun and he was trying to stop sri mukhi so that next highest Rahul will win if Ali goes out of game . That is what happend Rahul is cunning.
      If sri said that she recommended Rahul and if he got to know about that in 2nd week then why is he quite why didn’t he brought that topic with Nag sir or any other contestants at that time?
      Why did he waited until last week? that is his cunningness so he can manipulate all voters and that is what happend he was very well planned and his so called friends ( PVVR)too.
      This so called Rahul don’t know to respect friends and women’s, only he knows is bad mouthing.
      Sri mukhi got back stabbed by this so called PVVRgroup.
      How much that stupid punarnavi Bhupalam utter that words no control over that mouth and as a girl is that is her behavior for that she is claiming like as her genuine ness.
      That vithika how much gossips she does and they all claim that they are genuine and all the bigboss they played like a couple and stupid Varun praises her and vithika praises him as if in the world for them no family member is there .
      Does anywhere he appreciated his parents no, he only praised his MIL.
      His dad came for Finale .
      Varun all interviews he only praises his wife as if that he only has wife.
      For you guys all this (PVVR)people are genuine and sri mukhi is bad….
      She is women but she did 100% in tasks with out any support but what Rahul did in tasks ? and vithika did but with cunning and support.
      Stop blaming sri mukhi look at in all possible ways and blame.

  5. Yes, Rahul told truth,she (sree mukhi) is playing cunning game. she shouted very irritated to others. god bless others contestants.big boss give to Sreemukee 4 the place

  6. Rahul sipligunji is big scrap in BB house
    He does not perform in any task, so lazy.
    He play his game by back bitching.
    Unfit for BB house.
    He is targeting srimukhi from the beginning and waste candidate in BB house.

    • Rahul is genuine and playing without hurting others but Sreemukhi intentionally provoking him so she can get mileage . Sreemukhi is playing very cunning and she does’t deserve second place also if audience judge her by her character and behavior in big boss

      • Don’t talk about her character , do u know anything about her?
        Do u know anything about Rahul?
        She was lively in the BB house.
        What this stupid Rahul did nothing sitting on the bed and always chatting with his so called group and eating.
        Sri was lively and try to interact with everyone.
        Not like as so called close group(PVVR)
        This PVVR group backstabbed by acting good with her.
        Genuinally she believed them.

  7. Rahul is big liar.. initially he told that vitika told him and when she denied he is telling someone between vitika or Varun.. shame less person previously also he caught telling lies.. he cannot even play tasks he is inside home because of his fans and..

  8. Yes Rahul is being targeted.Srimukhi is very irritating.Now Varun and Vithika also started targeting Rahul.When she wanted 1 st rank why did she go for 2nd position ,it’s just to target Rahul .

  9. Rahul is unfit as a contestent in that house. Neither he is performing in tasks nor he is active in house from many weeks. He has been trying to gain votes with a relationship with punarnavi which is also a fake one. You can check this in the very next episode of punarnavi’s elimination. Also he is well aware of his following outside because of Ali and hence he is trying to gain sympathy by making wrong allegations on sreemukhi. The allegation what he made yesterday has no base at all. Even varun n vithika denied it. Then how can anyone say he is telling truth. He might be a good singer but he doesn’t deseve a place in that house. Because he is losing his minimum human values also

  10. No ethics for Rahul. How he targeted mud task ND water task for baba. For trolley task he was that much irritated with baba when he was out. Yesterday simply he made false allegations with no base. Bcoz he doesn’t have anything to bring.

  11. No I think… Till now I supported rahul… But by this weekend episode… I was upset with his wrong alligations about sreemukhi… Actually now I can strongly say he is targetting Sreemukhi now… So let’s support Sreemukhi who gave her best in all tasks & as rahuls mother or someone said…. She is only buzz for this season… This season is actually average…. But if she is not there it becomes disaster…. Let me join into “SREEMUKHI ARMY” now…

  12. Rahul is a lier. This is a matter of 3rd or 4th week episode. At that time also varun and vithika were friends of rahul. If srimukhi really told that “she had recomended rahul for bigboss.” He should have come to srimukhi and ask about this and can make her bad in front of all. But he didnt do so. Because it is not true. Here he has forgotten that he is not only blamming srimukhi but also blamming bigboss with his untruth words. And why he is blamming her now means he want to reduce her votes percentage which is not possible, infact from now her votes percentage will increase more when compared to earlier. With this it is confirmed that he is a cheap mentality fellow. Shame on is already proved that rahul is fit for nothing. If he is a man and want to really fight with her, he has to fight in a genuine manner but he is not doing so and passing untruthfull statements on a female contestant.useless fellow

  13. Rahul targetting srimukhi .From starting he is doing the same. He has become overconfident after coming from fake elimination. Srimukhi tone is high so he is just putting everything on her. But she never gossips on him with others like he does on her. She and Baba are playing very nice.

  14. Rahul said wrong, he is targetting Sremukhi. There is video inn facebook. What Sreemukhi and Varun said. It’s completely worng.. Rahul is targetting Sreemukhi. Sreemukhi is winner Rahul is lazyfeloow

  15. Yes, Rahul is telling truth,, sreemukhi is really crazyy and shouting unneccasrily in the house . She is dealing with the problem at all ,, escaping by telling ” i wont talk to you even after going out of big boss”, she is negative and thats y carrying that negativity till her lifetime .

    • I am not supporting either srimukhi or rahul .one thing we have to understand that 2 week s before rahul is with varun but now he is with Ali and Siva jyothi by seeing that we can easily understand that he is in faque relationship with varun and friends.and rahul is saying to punnu about vithika faque relationship.while seeing we can easily know that is rahul is playing game genuine or not .now about sreemukhi.with vithika support only sreemukhi got captaincy even then she didn’t support vithika .Ali is having advantage as he came out and entered back that he know that rahul is having lot of audience support that’s why after gong to bigg boss house he is with rahul other wise he is with sreemukhi .

  16. Rahul said that sreemukhi did not respect him. But she never spoke to him in a disrespectful way. It is he who always speaks filthy language. Even in last weeks nomination task, though she’s discussing in a quite way, he is the one who started provoking her saying GAYYALI GAMPA. Firstly he didn’t understand the rule of the task. Rahul should at least know now that it’s not a task to convince him it’s a discussion to speak about the position that you deserve.

  17. Lets look @this logically. If Srimuki can influence, then eliminating Rahul is easier for her. She does not have to struggle to paint him bad. The fact is, Rahul, by nature is evil and paranoid. He is lazy, thanks to his upbringing and helicopter mother, who basically showed how much she is into this game show and not Rahul. She kept egging him on and Rahul just wanted her to ignore the game attempting *being cool* ? But when his friend came around, his plan was exposed. So this is a mind game.
    He is foul mouthed, no wonder he was attracted to Punarnavi, and dismissive of others. One positive aspect he is not acting. Whereas Srimuki, even Savitri, though loud mouthed are genuine. They are professionals, who are dedicated. Rahul as a professional singer, can’t even remember half the lines. His paid-army like Kaushal’s may be propelling him towards the finals, but surely if he gets there, that shows the show is losing its credibility. Just look what happened to Kaushal. He may have rigged this but he went no-where in his profession nor will he. Geetha still has her sweet voice, Tanish got his gig as a host .. Likewise, Srimukhi with her beauty, acting skills and personality will still be a sought after person in TV industry where as Rahul will be nothing but another play back singer (not at the level of Sid Sriram).

  18. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    I am not supporting either srimukhi or rahul .one thing we have to understand that 2 week s before rahul is with varun but now he is with Ali and Siva jyothi by seeing that we can easily understand that he is in faque relationship with varun and friends.and rahul is saying to punnu about vithika faque relationship.while seeing we can easily know that is rahul is playing game genuine or not .now about sreemukhi.with vithika support only sreemukhi got captaincy even then she didn’t support vithika .Ali is having advantage as he came out and entered back that he know that rahul is having lot of audience support that’s why after gong to bigg boss house he is with rahul other wise he is with sreemukhi.

  19. Rahul is not a genuine person,though he is talented he doesn’t deserve to be in BB,he is a bare faced liar, long back he would have been eliminated if he was not playing love game with punarnavi, he is jealous of srimukhi’s talent, that’s vi he always try to defame her.His face reveals his negative feelings against srimukhi. Anyways srimukhi is playing fair game

  20. Apart from flirting what Rahul did in the bigboss house can any one tell.Nothing has done by him as all contestants are playing individual games vithika varun punnu and Rahul played group game and even Ali Ravi and Jyothi too played group game. See all the episodes Rahul always misunderstands and because he is in duty of flirting and his total concentration is targeting others who opposes punnu..and it is all BB plan.

  21. Yes Rahul job was only flirting with punarnavi so they can get screen time, shame less group (PVVR)
    That punarnavi claims she is genuine person stupid women no control over her mouth she talks whatever she want .
    She can’t even be like that with her family members.
    I don’t know what audience like in her , just by flirting with Rahul she was extended in that house and Rahul won title with this ,
    No good participation in tasks nothing
    Bigboss last their credibility….


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