Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Votes for Ninth Elimination: No Elimination This Week After Kasthuri’s Exit!

bigg boss 3 tamil cheran captain

After a rather uneventful week in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house, the weekend is set for some thrilling action. The eighth elimination is set to take place in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 over the weekend. The episode on Sunday is always the most awaited and most gripping one. The host Kamal Hassan is a crucial factor for the growth of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 and in Day 63’s episode, he proved the same. The secret room conversations with the individual contestants threw a lot of light to the path they should take to stay afloat.

Fathima Babu, Mohan Vaidya, Meera, Vanitha, Abirami , Madhumita, Saravanan are out of the house. Kasthuri is the latest elimination out of the house.

As predicted by The News Crunch, the host Kamal Hassan revealed a shocking news that elimination nominations won’t happen this week. 


The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house has eight contestants and most of them are likely to be in the finals. However, the contestants are not aware of this latest twist in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

The upcoming week will be a very critical week for the contestants as it is make or break for their finals hopes from here on.

Who Do you think will not make it to the finals of Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. By right Kavin should be out of the house.From the very beginning,kavin was the one who started everything,making use of the girls as a strategy,namely,Sakshi,Sherine and Losliya.Though Sherine did keep a distance with him.The one who was really hurt was Sakshi.We all know the whole thing right.And Sakshi paid the price ultimately.What about Kavin?It’s only fair to say that he should also be eliminated.

  2. The finalists r Tharshan (being a Tamil Sri Lankan and a gd competitor), Sherin (being a kanadigan and of course she also a gd competitor), Sandy( plays a very safe game and ex Vijay TV staff) and Cheran (coz he hv mentioned in many occasions in the house that this game is for all ages,so he may also come till finals), Well Vijay TV runs the show, though it’s been voted by public,this TV media guys will go to some extent for their TRP some acts r pre-fixed,,

  3. Priya latha r u girl or women I don’t want ur details, u know shakshi character bludy peoples r fucks ur comments, if u female how u marry gens or something, kavin acting lover boy character that’s all, already he explained in bigg boss house camera, than bludy peoples r fuck in ur ash


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