Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Vote Updates: Real Reason Behind Ali Reza’s Elimination Revealed

ali reza eliminated bb 3 telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 completed 50 days this weekend and the contestants were left teary eyed for two reasons – one for their nostalgic memories in the house after seeing the highlights video of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 initially during the episode and two, for Ali Reza’s shocking eviction.

As predicted by The News Crunch, Ali Reza was the sixth contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 in the seventh week elimination results.

Interestingly, this was Ali’s first week in elimination nominations. Ali Reza was considered to be one of the strongest contestants to win the title in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. The shock was hard to digest for the fans as well as contestants in the house. Shreemukhi and Siva Jyothi were inconsolable and others like Varun, Baba Bhaskar were teary eyed too.

Shocking Events Which Led to Ali’s Eliminations

Ali Reza was nominated by Shilpa Chakravarthy, the wild contestant who entered last week. The host of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Nagarjuna himself shared the fact that he was shocked when he got to know Ali was eliminated this week. Hence, he never uttered who was eliminated this week.ali-mahesh-bigg-boss-telugu-3

There were lights glowing on the elimination nominations head sequentially and once the light stopped on Ali’s head indicating that he was eliminated, everyone was shattered and shocked.

Real Reasons for Ali’s Elimination Exposed!

The real reason for Ali’s elimination was his drastic display of aggressiveness and the dissatisfaction of the housemates towards the same. Ali was pretty composed during his initial days but his short temper was portrayed in an ugly way during his fight with Mahesh and during the last week’s captaincy task where he withdrew from the task. Ali’s anger management issues came into light at the wrong time as this week’s nomination and his reactions during the robbery task and captaincy task went down against him.


This is the only possible reason for Ali’s elimination.

Though Ali was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 3, social media is filled with messages and requests from audience requested Ali to comeback.

Do you wish to see Ali Reza return to Bigg Boss Telugu 3 as a wildcard entry? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Comment:please vote ali and make him to come back to big boss house because this is a very horible talk or reaction that ali reza was eliminated

  2. Ali is the only happening man in big boss and as competitor he should be part of BB till the end. Aggressiveness is just part of the game which contestants should able to take it.

  3. Plz bring back ali Reza to the bigg boss house plz vote bring back to Ali some people’s are not see the bigg boss show after the Ali’s elimination because he is very strong contest in the house now this show is boring to see plz vote for Ali plz frnds

  4. It’s an unfair show with out Ali. How come a guy who has been the top contender with out bias has been eliminated so dramatically. So unconvincing indeed.

  5. I don’t believe Big Boss show any more if Ali is not brought back strategically as wild card. There must be something wrong in strtegic management of the show.

  6. I can easily make out how a reality show can become so unreal suddenly by fooling viewers. Waste of time Nagarjuna garu. He can be rewarded wild entry just for the way he showed his maturity while handling Thamanna’s verbal bash on him to provoke him. No housemate would have handled so maturely as Ali did it.

  7. With out Ali.. We can’t see d show… There is no competitive spirit with out Ali… He struggled and give his best in all tasks.. He may get angry but there should be a reason… Unnecessarily he is not showing angry…. Why d audience can’t understand… What’s d rahul doing in d show? Always with punarnavi, eating fruits bla bla talking… Why don’t d bigboss eliminate this rahul… Is the family audience r happy with the rahul performance.
    Game is going in fake way…. Just for rating… Rubbish is going in bigboss ??


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