Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Vote Results: Is Baba Bhaskar Safe From Eliminations This Week?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 completes 70 days and we are witness high intensity drama over the last few days. The ninth elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is stated as the toughest and the most crucial one so far.

Varun Sandesh was declared safe in Saturday’s episode. However, Ravi Krishna, Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi are facing risk of eliminations this week.

Will Captaincy Save Sreemukhi?

Sreemukhi, Ravi and Baba Bhaskar were neck and neck in the audience voting results for this week. However, the captaincy came in as a blessing in disguise for Sreemukhi at the right time. It is unclear if Sreemukhi’s captaincy post will work in her favor, however, she has a clear advantage.

Did Star Maa Leak The News of Baba Bhaskar’s Elimination Safety?

In today’s promo on Star Maa’s Twitter handle, it seen that Nagarjuna is ready to break the elimination suspense. The three contestants facing eliminations were asked to assemble a puzzle pieces of their photos. Nagarjuna declared that whoever has a complete picture of their face picture is safe. From the promo video it is seen that Baba Bhaskar is likely to be saved this week as he has almost all the pieces.




  1. I think this BB is match fixing show.appudu NAGARJUNA garu punnu vithika Rahul varun antaru…..punnarvi tho compare chesthe RAVIKRISHNA is 200% better than punnarvi and Rahul…vallu house lo unnaru RAVIKRISHNA eliminate ayyadu what a show….NAGARJUNA garu miru kuda Konchem jenun ga undandi sir…appudu punarnavi japam cheyakandi

  2. Disappointed with ravi’s elimination. Don’t know why punarnavi is still in bigboss house.ravi is far better than punarnavi, rahul and mahesh.


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