Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Vote Opinion Poll: Did Baba Bhaskar Do The Right Thing By Saving Ravi Over Shreemukhi?


The seventh elimination nominations for Bigg Boss Telugu 3 concluded with a surprising twist towards the end. Ravi, Shreemukhi, Himaja, Punarnavi and Shilpa were nominated for eliminations this week. However, Bigg Boss gave the power to Baba Bhaskar, the captain for this week to save one of the contestants from elimination nominations.

Baba Bhaskar saved Ravi Krishna for his strong performances in the tasks. Considering Baba Bhaskar to be a strong connection for Shreemukhi, it was widely believed that Shreemukhi might be saved by Baba Bhaskar. However, Baba Bhaskar chose Ravi over Shreemukhi.

Shreemukhi fans are disappointed with this move though Shreemukhi said Baba Bhaskar did the right thing.

Who Do You Think Baba Bhaskar Should Have Saved From Elimination Nomination?

Who Should Have Baba Bhaskar Saved From Eliminations?

Ravi Krishna
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Let us know if Shreemukhi deserved to be nominated for eliminations this week in the comments below..


  1. Guys , if we get chance please eliminate cry baby Shiva jyothi. Getting irritated seeing her crying face. Biggboss is the show for the people who compete . Shiva jyothi looks like came to make friends there

  2. Srimukhi is fucking sick cunt, She first made Ali her toyboy, now that he is gone started sucking Baba’s balls. Please eliminate Srimukhi shes the evil cunt at bigg boss house.


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