Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination News: Will Rahul Sipligunj Be Eliminated This Week?


It is controversies galore in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. As the season progresses, contestants are settling down with their strategies rather than fighting for screen time. Three eliminations are completed in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Hema , Jaffar and Tamanna are eliminated as of today.

Sreemukhi, Siva Jyoti, Rohini, Rahul, Ravikrishna, Baba Bhaskar and Varun face eliminations this week.

How Did the Nominees Fare this Week?

Sreemukhi entered the house as a potential heartthrob but lost credibility with time. Siva Jyothi and Rohini are clear weak links with low popularity and are likely to face a considerable risk of elimination. Ravikrishna is a great performer and has earned the audience’s accolades with his performances in the tasks. Baba Bhaskar possesses an audience base for his genuineness. Varun and Vithika are ironing out their differences and this could work in Varun’s favor this week?

Is It the End of the Road for Rahul Sipligunj?

Punarnavi and Vithika are influencing Rahul and the audience seem to feel the same. After the Sreemukhi fiasco, Nagarjuna pulled up Rahul’s socks and asked him to be respectful. It is quite obvious that Rahul is not learning his lessons. Apart from this, his attitude and interference in other issues inside the house is not doing any good for his image. Himaja seems to be upset with the same as well.

Will all these factors add up against Rahul and will he be the fourth elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below..




  1. Rahul sipligunj Bhai should Be SAFE . He will talk face to face [ BARABAR MATLADTHADU ] . Some are blaming him.
    He is best playback singer in TOLLYWOOD [TS] . ” Arey aina slange atla vuntadhi bai “. Eliminate sreemukhi
    what a show contestant she is . She is cunning & her support Himaja …

  2. Yeah! She is too dominating yaar….. Rahul should be saved and also very cunning himaja with sreemukhi..making sometime situations worse later than making them good……

  3. Please eliminate Punarnavi . Lots of attitude. Considers herself to be a beauty queen . BackStabbed Rahul. Today also Rahul is roaming behind her ..saying Punnu…Punnu.
    Punnarnavi cannot be anyones friend. She is fighting with Vithika too.

    Please caste your vote to Rahul and eliminate Punarnavi.


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