Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 93 October 23: Huge Snub to Sreemukhi as Rahul Wins Ticket to Finale, Rahul Army Can Finally Take Rest During Elimination Voting!


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is entering the final stages and ticket to finale tasks were getting intense. On 22nd October 2019 (Day 93) Bigg Boss ticket to finale task has reached next level, as Ali Reza and Baba Bhaskar fights violently to win a task. The other housemates were shocked by their behaviour. They were fight very hard and hitting each other, Sreemukhi at some point was really shocked and Varun wanted to stop the fight. But they continued to fight for Ticket to finale. 

Rahul Deserved to Win the Ticket to Finale?

After being tormented by Sreemukhi for his poor performances in tasks, Rahul Sipligunj won the ticket to finale. Rahul is the first entrant into the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 finals. Rahul is nominated for the most eliminations in this season of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Rahul Army can finally rejoice as they can take this week off as Rahul is safe this week.

However, Rahul’s fans have a major task to help their favorite contestant win Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Sreemukhi’s fans will be furious at the outcome as they wished to see Baba Bhaskar or Sreemukhi win the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 ticket to finale.

Did Rahul deserve to win the ticket finale or was it Ali’s chance to enter the finals? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Ticket to Final Standings for Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Rahul – 50%

Ali and Varun – 0%

Sreemukhi and Siva Jyothi – 10%

Baba Bhaskar – 20%


  1. Seems to be, people are madly voting for a lazy person like Rahul, who passes bad comments on the contestants, doesnt respect or values others or even their friends feeling. Confirmed this attitude by his Mother. Just flirting is enough to win the title. This season is setting a bad example.

    • Sorry it is very well said, he has changed and used everyone to come forward, and left everyone when it’s time, sreemuki was the same from beginning and nw also, he is the who blamed her a lot, unnecessary criticized her ,she is good and genuine

  2. Yes Rahul deserved it becz he might be using bad language but that’s not his fault becz it depends on the environment he grew up as he said in the past that he was from a fully area and they use these words generally for funny propose. He is a lazy person but when it comes to task he tries his best.

  3. Please this week Rahul fans.. Vote for Shiva Jyothi
    She was reached till the final week by doing hard work from day 1…
    Atleast she deserves to be in top 5..
    But she has a less fan base..So please this week vote for Shiva Jyothi

  4. Rahul is soo good in understanding others, patience level is sooo high and it is the basic quality that everyone requires for success ….Rahul defnetly deserves it…

    • Rahul is the best person n genuine. We can not judge a person only from his language or tasks behaviour matters a lot he is the one who deserves bb3 winner place more than anyone else . Please vote rahul .

  5. Rahul is just waste of time for discussion, he competed against Varun and Sreemukhi. Had it been Baba or Ali would have lost easily and thank God he doest get to perform can’t see him give up.. Looser.

  6. Dnt comment on others Rahul played his best…Rahul apudu cunning ga adaledhu Thanu antha varaku chesado antha effort echadu so dnt judge him

  7. Yes rahul is really great he fulfill his mother and his fans Hope’s sreemukhi had a very clearly seen the rahul task playing if he want to do any thing that definitely he will do sreemukhi u r out byee


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