Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 92 October 21 Ticket to Finale: Rahul vs Varun, Who Will Win the Ticket to Finale Task? Vote Now!


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters its 92nd day. The drama, chaos, fun and fights continue to a great extent in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. A lot of shoulders have been rubbed this week and Rahul’s nomination for eliminations is crucial. As Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters the decisive phase where contestants and audience are already talking about the finals, the thirteenth elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 this week will be a very important one.

The weekend episodes promise a lot of action and suspense as the host Nagarjuna digs into the happenings of the week. Though eviction nominations are yet to be announced, it is becoming quite obvious that Ali or Siva Jyothi or Varun will be eliminated this week. However, as reported by the News Crunch, Vithika has been eliminated this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Ticket To Finale Task – Varun Vs Rahul


As Bigg Boss Telugu 3 gears up for the final eviction nominations, the ticket to finale tasks will commence too. It is believed that the contestants will be giving their best shot at getting saved from eviction nominations this week. However, Varun and Rahul will be fighting hard to win the ‘Ticket to Finale’ and get saved from evictions this week.

Though Rahul has an amazing fan base it will be crucial for him to win the ticket to finale. Varun is in significant danger and it is a do or die situation for him in the ticket to finale task.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote – Who Will Win the Ticket to Finale Task – Vote Now!


Who Will Win the BB3 Telugu Ticket to Finale Task?

Varun Sandesh
Rahul Sipligunj



  1. Rahul is the best contest and good nature I always vote for rahul Rahul beta you are like my son I like your songs vijayostu rahul?


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