Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 82: Bigg Boss Wants to Sleep and Instructs Contestants Not to Make Noise, Hilarious Moments in Store!

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu September 27 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters its 82nd day. With just four weeks left in the competition for the finale, the contestants are taking sides and playing their game. However, Bigg Boss decided to have some fun in the house.

In the promo video, it is seen that Bigg Boss instructs the audience not to make any sound as he wants to sleep. Hence, the contestants talk to each other in sign languages and attempt to make the other contestants shout or laugh.

The episode promises to be a laugh riot as the contestants have a great time challenging each other. In the promo video, Baba Bhaskar is getting his hands waxed and ensures he doesn’t shout out of pain. Also, Ali is trying to tickle Siva Jyothi and make her laugh and scream.

Who will lose the battle of silence today?


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