Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 56 September 15: Shreemukhi Imitates Host Nagarjuna’s Angry Face, Apologizes Later!


The weekend episodes are a treat to watch in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Host Nagarjuna set the stage on fire with his fiery attitude on Day 55 and the audience, contestants were expecting the same to happen on Day 56, Sunday as well. However, contestants were happy to see the song and dance welcoming the host Nagarjuna who was in a very light hearted mood.

Sreemukhi, who is facing eliminations this week took the opportunity to imitate Nagarjuna who showed his fiery side in the last episode. Though, Sreemukhi’s intentions were just to make fun and make the moment enjoyable she took a big risk.

However, to her relief Nagarjuna enjoyed it and warned her in a funny way. Shreemukhi instantly apologized for imitating his angry face infront of the audience and contestants.

Will Sreemukhi be eliminated this week? Let us know in the comments below.


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