Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 55 September 14: Host Nagarjuna Blasts Mahesh Vitta and Asks Bigg Boss To Open the Doors! Will Mahesh Vitta Leave the House?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters its 55th day and the TRPs are zooming ahead because of the ample controversies at stake in the house. Weekend episodes are highly entertaining as the host Nagarjuna interacts with the contestants.

Nagarjuna Shocks Audience With His Aggressive Entry

Though Nagarjuna is a very fun loving and light hearted host, this week he is in a different avatar. The host Nagarjuna makes an entry amidst glamorous girls dancing for his entry song. However, Nagarjuna asks the organizers to stop the music and dancers to leave the stage. He declares that there will not be any singing or dancing in the stage today.

Mahesh Vitta is Roasted By Nagarjuna – Real Reason Revealed!



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