Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 48 September 7: King Nagarjuna is Back With A Bang As the Host, Grills Punarnavi and Ali On Comeback!


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters its 48th day and there is no compromise on entertainment so far. With the half way mark just around the corner, there is no dearth of controversies, drama or fights inside the house.

The last week was a very eventful week for both good and bad reasons. The robbery task was one of the worst situations in the house so far. The elimination drama and the captaincy task added to the TRP boost required for this week.

Over the course of the week, the friction between Punarnavi and Ali is worsening. It was pretty evident during the captaincy task too. Even though Punarnavi tried to apologize to Ali after the task, Ali was in no mood to have a discussion with Punarnavi.


The host, Nagarjuna is back with a bang and today’s episode looks promising. As Nagarjuna questions who has the most number of complaints, Punarnavi and Ali are seen having a discussion with him.

King Nagarjuna Snubs Punarnavi

Punarnavi clarifies, “Defending is tougher than attacking. With a physique (like Ali’s) anyone can be aggressive.”. Nagarjuna questions Punarnavi back, “If you had the physique will you be the same like him?”. When Punarnavi says yes, Nagarjuna asks then what wrong did Ali do. Punarnavi is left dumbstruck.

Ali clarifies that his aggressive is misunderstood because of his physique and performance in tasks. Nagarjuna seems to be in clear disgareement with his claim.

As the elimination weekend draws to a close tomorrow, the suspense still remains as the audience voting results for this week’s elimination remains inconclusive.

Who will be eliminated this week and will there be any contestant who is saved today? Let us know in the comments below.



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