Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 47 September 5 Highlights: Baba Bhaskar Becomes Captain of the House, Ali Loses His Temper Again!

baba bhaskar telugu bigg boss 3

After a dramatic turnaround of events in the robbery task, Bigg Boss Telugu 3 came back to near normal situations.

Vithika  broke down emotionally and Varun tried to suggest to Vithika that they were not on a honeymoon. Huge chunk of the episode on September 5th saw Varun and Vithika’s footage. Arguments take a toll on Vithika’s emotional stability. At one point, she bursts out stating she is not afraid of nominations and asks Varun to nominate her in the following week.


Punarnavi visited Rahul in jail and Vithika visited after the captaincy task.

How did the Captaincy Nominations Take Place?

Siva Jyothi announces the instructions from Bigg Boss for this week’s captaincy task. The contestants are requested to nominate their peers who deserve and do not deserve to be captain. Varun accumulates the nominations and it is concluded that Rahul, Ravi and Shilpa do not deserve to be captains. Baba Bhaskar, Himaja and Shreemukhi are nominated for the captaincy post this week.

Ravi Krishna seems to be losing his cool and it was evident in this episode as well. Though Ravi and Rahul expressed disappointment over their exclusion from the chance to become the captain this week, Varun clarifies that it was the decision of the house contestants and not an individual opinion. Ravi bursts out while Rahul tries to cut the discussion abruptly.

How did the Captaincy Task Take Place?

The captaincy task for this week was interesting. As Ravi and Rahul’s jail term ended, they joined the task. Ravi, Rahul and Shilpa were placed in transparent boxes and the other contestants had to pour sand into their box. The boxes were guarded by the captaincy nominations – Shreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Himaja.

While other contestants attempted to pour sand in the boxes, the task of Ravikrishna, Rahul and Shilpa was to remove the sand out. The contestant guarding the box with the least amount of sand was to be declared as the winner of the captaincy task.

The task was predominantly peaceful but the task supervisor Varun objected to Ali’s gameplay. Ali lost his temper and stopped playing midway and got involved in arguments with Punarnavi.

Another incident happened when Shreemukhi pulled Punarnavi’s mug and pushed it away. Though it was clearly visible, Shreemukhi defended her actions and stated she did not meant to do so.

The time to complete the task expired and it was declared that Shilpa’s box had the least amount of sand. As Baba Bhaskar was guarding the box, he was declared the captain of the house.

Punarnavi tried to apologize to Ali but the latter was not interested in a conversation. Is the house ganging up against Ali who is already in the danger of elimination this week?

Baba Bhaskar Not Interested in Captaincy – Drama or Real?

Baba says he cannot be the captain as he is feeling guilty and he is least interested in this. Rahul and Varun try to convince and compel him to stay as the captain. However, the audience are double minded about Baba Bhaskar’s attitude.

Considering his disappointment while being nominated and the way he expressed it, the audience were happy and elated to see him get the opportunity. When a contestant denies the chance of being safe while being a captain, it is unclear about Baba Bhaskar’s intentions. Is he trying play ‘too nice’ or is he genuine?

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