Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 26 August 16th: RakshaBandhan Bonhomie and Quiz Time Saves the House From Gruesome Fights!


After a string of controversies and fights, Bigg Boss Telugu 3 shows a happy picture of contestants celebrating Raksha Bandhan. With eliminations round the corner, it was a nice gesture by the organizers to allow the contestants to have some fun and entertainment on the account of Independance Day and Raksha Bandhan.

Rahul is Punarnavi’s Brother?!

For all the fans of Punarnavi – Rahul relationship, there is a shocking news. Punarnavi is talking about the occassion of bonhomie. Fun, smiles and joy fills the house as Punarnavi playfully reveals she has a younger brother connect with someone in the house.

Punarnavi’s indirect nudge at Rahul puts him in a cloud of awkwardness and this triggers a huge moment of laughter in the house. Apparently, Rahul asked Punarnavi on a date but it was eventually turned down by her. The duo’s cheekiness was teased by the host Nagarjuna as well. Fans are all game for Rahul-Punarnavi’s striking chemistry and are looking forward for something romantic to happen. They do enjoy each other’s company and are seen having long chats often. However, the Raksha Bandhan scene comes in as a funny surprise.

Siva Jyothi tries rakhi to Ali, Ashu ties one for Mahesh. Himaja ties a rakhi for Varun and Rahul takes Rohini’s and Vithika’s blessings.

Quiz Time Attracts Some Fun!

A quiz is conducted for the boys and girls in the house. For a question related to Bay of Bengal, Baba Bhaskar answers Option B, though the question didn’t have any options which attracts laughter in the house. Guys and girls are having some fun with ridiculous answers.


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