Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to Finale Winner: Somshekar won TTF Task, safe from eviction this week

Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to finale winner

The ‘Ticket to Finale’ task has been going on all week at the Bigg Boss house, and today’s episode ended with the ‘sentence matching’ task. The rating was given based on the number of positive and negative sentences received in this task.

As usual, Aari got one point, Bala got 2 points, Ramya got 3 points, Shivani got 4 points, Rio got 5 points, Gabriella got 6 points, and Somshekar got 7 points. Som has won 7 points three times in a row, and he is at the top of the overall round so far.
Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ticket to finale score
The details of the points earned for each of the 8 rounds so far in this position are as follows:

  • Somsekar: 39
  • Rioraj: 37
  • Balaji: 32
  • Shivani: 32
  • Ramya: 31
  • Gabriella: 28
  • Aari: 25

Somshekar, having won the Ticket to Finale task, is safe from eviction this week. With SomShekar safe from elimination, it will be interesting to see which two contestants will get evicted this week. Reports are that it will either be Gabriella, Ramya or Shivani this week.


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