Bigg Boss Tamil September 11 – Losliya’s real father enters Bigg Boss house, Kavin looks shocked Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil losliya father enters bb house

This is one of the most hear-touching promo video of Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil, it happens on September 11 and it’s Day 80 in the house. We see Losliya crying uncontrollably and genuinely this time alone, we are shown that all the contestants are standing in a group on the other side while the Bigg Boss door slowly opens.

Kavin shocked seeing losliya's father
We see Losliya’s real father walking into the Bigg Boss house. Losliya couldn’t control her tears and keeps crying. Cheran is looking pleased while appears shocked to see her father. Will Kavin talk to Losliya’s father about their relationship and marriage. Will Losliya’s father accept them? We have to wait and watch tonight’s episode.


  1. No. Play the Bigg Boss game first, until the winner is devlared. That is the intention the participants are there for. Anything and everything alse has to be in the reality environment(fresh air) outside this game house. Decisions made in reality deprived for more than 70 days may be skewed.


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