Bigg Boss Tamil season 4: Is Sanam evicted from Bigg Boss house this week?

Bigg Boss Tamil elimination 9th week

With seven nominees Aari, Anitha, Shivani, Aajeedh, Ramya, Nisha, and Sanam, being nominated for eviction in the Bigg Boss show this week, it was reported Shivani had received lesser votes till yesterday, followed by Aajeedh and Nisha with fewer votes.

In this situation, it is said that Sanam was getting the least votes after the end of voting time yesterday, and she is likely to leave this week.

It is noteworthy that Sanam played well throughout this week and put her argument right forward. However, only during the rating issue of 1 to 13 in the call center task is that her stubbornness to snatch the second place from Anitha might have caused dissatisfaction to the audience, and hence the votes may have been reduced for her.

It remains to be seen if Sanam survives this week’s elimination or gets voted out. We will have to wait for tonight’s episode to know the results.



  1. Everyone liked her argument… she was voted … she didnot snatch the position.
    This article is wrongly projecting their views as audience’s.

  2. Are you trying to mind hack and create a different opinion here !! Sanam deserves no.2. She handled that galeej call so well !have you heard any call center employee talk bad words like Samyuktha! ! Yet Sanam handled that call so well !! And she has a huge fan base !! Don’t simply write baseless stuff !!

  3. I don’t think no one will watch if sanam get eliminated archana and the gang will telecast their anbu drama there are many contestants that they don’t deserve to stay in bb houses

  4. It is really saddening sanam speaks boldly& direct on the face stupid & arrogant balaji should have been evicted long bacfollowed thathi shivani

  5. See It is a game plan. Bb4 will eliminate all the worthy candidates and only vijay tv ஜால்ரா will be left and they will select one ஜால்ரா as a is their family game and why we waste our my point of view அன்பு drama director archana national channel Rio diplomat rama உலக அழகி நிஷாare the only promising candidate to win the game.bull shit


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