Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Elimination: Nisha evicted after Ramesh’s eviction, Archana shocked

Nisha eviction Bigg Boss Tamil

This week’s double eviction on the Bigg Boss Tamil show with the first elimination happened yesterday and the second one happening today. In that sense, the question of who will be the next Eviction tomorrow has come to mind as information has come out from credible sources that Jithan Ramesh is the first eviction.

In this case, there is information about it just before. According to sources, Nisha is the contestant who will be leaving the Bigg Boss house tomorrow. It is noteworthy that Ramesh and Nisha’s subsequent departure, who was in Archana’s love group, is a great loss for Archana and a trauma for the love group.

There were 6 people in Archana’s love group so far, so they all acted together as one bad target and two targets in the nomination. It is noteworthy that the game will no longer heat up as two of them are currently down. It is noteworthy that the two’s departure in a row from the love group will definitely be a double shock to Archana.



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