Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Double eviction in BB house this week?

Bigg Boss Tamil Double Eviction

It’s now 68 days since Bigg Boss season 4 has commenced, there are still 12 contestants in the Bigg Boss house. It is noteworthy that there will be 8 contestants during the finale week, if each week one contestant gets evicted, with the finals still to be held in four or five weeks.

But the current situation is that either the days of the Bigg Boss show will have to be increased or double eviction has to happen so that there will usually be only four people in the finale week.

Double eviction is expected for the next few weeks starting this week as the chances of increasing the competition days are slim. There has been a great deal of controversy over the possibility of two people being evicted, one based on public votes and the other in violation of the Bigg Boss rules.

Will there be a double eviction at the Bigg Boss house starting this week? As of today, Nisha and Som are trailing in public votes and chances of one of them to get evicted by this week.


  1. Hi Bigg Boss
    Even thou its repeatly said no groupism,but it has fallen into deaf ears of the lovebed.
    Before Archana came in all contestants were playing individual games.
    Led by Archana, number of times during this team discussion Archana seems to target someone who is not in her good book.
    I. Archana did mute both sets before passing the message to Som and when anitha pass by she quickly on back the set
    She deserve to be evicted
    II.Archana inform her group after Sanam evicted that next target is Aari.
    III.After Aari and Bala have propose those to be evicted Ramesh / Gabb y
    Archana who went into the room 3rd nominated Som and came out to inform Nisha its nomination process for eviction
    and said infact she wants to propose Aari to be evicted but no choice she name Som
    Archana has not changed her character
    She still give instruction to her team who to propose for eviction every week.
    Archana / Nisha also washing clothes for Ramesh which include washing also his plates.
    From watching its clear none of Archana team mates will propose anyone from their group @ Nisha / Som / Ramesh / Rio / Gabby

  2. I m from Malaysia. Love to watch this show. Bt for this season I stopped seeing because of bloody Archana. Shd choose another benefit person. Just boring junkie

  3. Kick him out Mrs.Archana from the show,she is not allowing others to win the game.If your people not done than we have stop to see this show.

  4. Dear Kamal Hasan,
    Even though number of times it has been advised by you not to have groupism, still it is happening because of stupid Archana, after Archana’s arrival only the groupism started, not only you are watching, we as audience also watching, if you do not eliminate Archana and Rio, we will stop watching this program and it will become a utter waste watching Big Boss.

  5. Hi i am Murali from Bangalore(India), Big Boss4 Tamil has became a damp squib & worth not watching the show anymore. I request Mr. Kamal to make the game a fair one & make the fittest performers to survive & make them win the title.
    The love bed gang should be dismantled immediately to rekindle the viewership interest for this show.

  6. It seems like everyone dare not to speak up in front of Archanaa even shes in wrong side due to her rudeness and instruction approach. i notice even Bala and Anitha too decrease their volume whenever Archana defense herself in an argument. From my opinion i felt like Archana, RIo, Nisha are really culprit. Very sorry but this is from my observation. tq


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