Bigg Boss Tamil season 4: Archana clashes with Aari in today’s task, who will win?

Aari Archana fight Bigg Boss

No matter what task the Bigg Boss gives you at home, the contestants intend to make it a problem and not play it competitively.

It has been the audience’s accusation that not even a single task seems to have played smoothly in this fourth season. In that sense, the chicken team and the fox team’s issue has come up in the ‘chicken farm task’ given by Bigg Boss to contestants today.

Aari and Archana, in particular, have been arguing bitterly about how to play this task. At one point, Archana angrily asks Aari how to play this task, and Aari, in a challenging tone, responds to Archana to see him and know how to play this task fair and square.

It is noteworthy that only Ramya is speaking in favor of Archana during this argument, and the other contestants are standing quietly as usual and having fun. The winner of this task has a special power, so Archana’s attempts to get that special power and Aari’s attempts to overcome it seem to shed light on the task.


  1. Archana now u fill the pain when Ramesh and Nisha were evicted.U felt it as Ramesh left without saying goodbye with a hug.Did u do the hug when Suchi left.U & Nisha stood behind watching when Suchi left.Everyone saw how cunning u ar.Now u try to be sincere by highlight the issue.Archana dont show ur dominating style in Big as a contestant.Its u having problem trying to have a say in all games.Deserve a knock on ur head for ur character


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