Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Elimination Nominations list for First Week Voting Results Update

bigg boss tamil season 6 elimination nominations list 1st week voting results

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil kickstarts with a fiery note as the first week was marred with fights and competitive attitude. The second week of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 started off with the captaincy and nominations task. Twelve contestants are nominated by the 21 housemates who will feature in the nominations list for the first elimination of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil.

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Bigg Boss 6 Tamil voting results window will open once the nominations task is concluded next week. GP Muthu became the first captain of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 house.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Nominations List Week 1 Elimination

  • Queency Stanly
  • Nivashini
  • Vikraman
  • Ram
  • Azeem
  • Dhanalakshmi
  • Ayesha
  • Sheriina
  • Shanti
  • Rachita
  • Maheshwari
  • Shivin

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil First Elimination Nominations List Task Updates

  • The four housemates are nominated on the basis of lack of connections or being interaction friendly. However, eight other contestants joined the first elimination nominations list as a result of the nominations task.
  • Shivin and Vikraman are the most popular pair nominations for this week.
  • Vikraman received the highest nominations followed by Shivin and Nivashini.
  • GP Muthu and the late entry Myna Nandini are safe from nominations for this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting Results – Week 1 – 18th October 2022 Live Poll

Bigg Boss 6  Nominations List Pair Updates

  • Ayesha nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Azeem nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Amuthavanan nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Maheshwari nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Ram nominated Sherrina and Shanti
  • Dhanalakshmi nominated Rachitha and Asal
  • Vikraman nominated Sheriina and Kathiravan
  • Nivashini nominated Shanti and Ayesha
  • Robert nominated Ayesha and Vikraman
  • Sheriina nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • ADK nominated Shivin and Shanti
  • Janany nominated Shivin and Nivashini
  • Asal nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Rachita nominated Queency and Nivashini
  • Kathiravan nominated Vikraman and Nivashini
  • Manikanta nominated Robert and Vikraman
  • Shivin nominated ADK and Janany
  • Queency nominated Rachita and Shanti
  • GP Muthu nominated Vikraman and Queency
  • Myna Nandini nominated Vikraman and Queency
  • Shanti nominated Vikraman and Queency



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