Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Will there be a ‘Kurumpadam’ for Archana for abusing Aari with hateful words?

Archana Nisha Kurumpadam

Archana held a big rally accusing Nisha of making her depressing about her father in a ‘Puthiya Manithan’ task, which started yesterday on the Bigg Boss Tamil season. Following this, it was expected that the Love Group would break up.

But suddenly again, Archana and Nisha are now reunited. Surprisingly, Archana said she did not take what Nisha said wrong and apologized if she took it wrong. At present, the question of the audience is why Archana staged such a big demonstration for something that should not be taken lightly.

And to Nisha, who is crying that we have done something wrong, “Don’t cry, and don’t cry in front of that person who stares at us always, Archana talking about one of her fellow contestants in an abusive manner is considered the culmination of indecency.

Kamal Haasan pointed out her mistake in making a ‘Kurumpadam’ for Samyuktha, who spoke similarly. There is an expectation among the audience that he should make a short film to teach Archana a lesson. It remains to be seen whether Kamal Haasan will live up to that expectation on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is the proof of Archana’s abusive words about Aari:


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