Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Will Shivani Narayanan Be the Latest Recruit in Archana’s ‘Anbu Gang’ ?

shivani archana bigg boss tamil 4

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is gathering steam as it reaches the closure of the tenth week. This week was eventful, thanks to the ‘Humans vs Robots’ task. While the task was a mixture of drama, emotions, and fights, the subsequent nominations for the best and worst performer created chaos.

As expected, Balaji gathered enough votes alongside Ramya and Nisha for the best performer of this week. While the selection of Balaji was debatable, it could be crucial for the trio as the captaincy for the next week lies at stake.

Archana’s Vision to Expand ‘Anbu Gang’

The major highlight of this week was Archana’s massive coverage throughout the task and even after that. With her single point agenda of dismantling Balaji’s game at foray, Archana is determined to make Balaji lonely and vulnerable. As a result, Archana is trying to woo Shivani to her side which will break Balaji emotionally.

There were multiple instances where Shivani questioned Balaji during and after the task. However, Balaji’s tears made her forget reality yet again. Will Archana’s efforts turn Shivani against Balaji or will Shivani break backbite Archana from within?

The plot thickens as the show nears the decisive phase where multiple wildcard entries and double evictions are expected. Will Archana sustain as a leader of the Anbu gang or will the audience plot her fall in Bigg Boss Tamil 4 during her next nomination? Only time will tell. The audience is eager to see if Shivani will embrace the ‘love bed’ or stab it from within.


  1. Archana is overconfident that her love bed team is winning public support. In zee tv she used to perform most irritatingly but for some reasons, she was never criticised which has pampered and made her overconfident. This reflects in BB4. But shock of loosing their two members will creare lot of changes in behavior inside BB4 house from next week which will make the programme less irritating.


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