Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Suresh Chakravarthy reveals shocking information about his re-entry into Bigg Boss house during finale week

Suresh Chakravarthy Bigg Boss Tamil Finale

As the Bigg Boss show is currently underway in the finale week, we saw in today’s first and second promos that the evicted contestants arrived at the Big Boss house. Archana, Nisha, Ramesh, and Rekha were the special guests at the Bigg Boss house today.

But at the same time, there was a question among the fans as to why others, including Sanam Shetty and Anitha, Velmurugan, who got so much support from the people, did not come. It was also said that they might come in the next few days.

Asked by a fan why he did not come to the Bigg Boss house, Suresh Chakravarthy said that he has not been invited yet and that he is the only one among the Bigg Boss contestants who have not been invited yet.

Suresh Chakravarthy’s response came as a shock to everyone. The news that Suresh Chakravarthy was evicted in the initial weeks was a shock for the fans, and this news is, even more, a surprise to his fans.



  1. For us international viewers SANAM and ANITHA are the winners of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 4. They played well with tasks, cooking, cleaning and all. Individual players as well, fought for their own rights. All others in groups and pairs do not deserve to win.


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