Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Shivani and Ramya discusses about Aari’s strategy, will Shivani get evicted this week?

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Shivani Ramya about Aari

The housemates inside the Bigg Boss house are beginning to think a little harder about Aari, as everyone who fought against Aari in the Big Boss house is being evicted one by one.

Ramya and Shivani are talking about Aari in today’s second promo. Then Ramya says, ‘Aari thinks everything should be done right. But my doubt is whether the audience will like it or not. The caller yesterday said it didn’t seem to me at any angle like people like Aari.’

Shivani responds by saying, ‘When it comes to him, he escapes by blaming others for selfishness.’ It seems to me that Aari is pointing his own strengths and the weaknesses of others in everything.’ When Ramya says that Aari uses others’ weakness to his advantage whenever an opportunity arises, Shivani says that he ‘misleads others to save himself.’

As Ramya and Shivani are talking about him without even realizing that whoever talks about Aari gets evicted, it seems that the viewers will be wondering if Shivani will be evicted this week as she opposes Aari.


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