Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Ramya vs Shivani, who will win the final task and get saved from eviction this week?

Bigg Boss Tamil Ramya vs Shivani

Every contestant is playing hard to escape eviction by taking first place in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task currently taking place on the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil.

There is a fierce rivalry between Ramya and Shivani in the third promo video currently being released. This task seems to hold the rope in one hand and take the balls in the other hand and attack the opponent.

Shivani seems to be playing very well in this. Despite being terribly tired, she is determined to grab the rope in one hand, take the ball on the other hand and throw it over Ramya. Ramya is also playing alongside Shivani; in the background is AR Rahman’s ‘Singapenney’ song; The video shows the song being sung, and other contestants are cheering up Shivani Ramya. In today’s episode, we will find out who the ‘Singapen’ will succeed in this task.

This task may be essential as whoever wins this task may take up the first position in the ‘Ticket to finale’ and safe from eviction.



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