Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Promo 28th December 2020: Shivani, Aajeedh and Gabi are Prime Targets for Week 13 Nominations

bigg boss tamil 4 28th december promo nominations list week 13

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 enters its 13th week as an eventful and decisive week of action awaits the contestants. Anitha was the last contestant to be evicted from the show on Sunday. The episodes on Monday are always filled with drama and suspense as the nominations task takes place.

Aari was safe from nominations as he is the captain for this week. Balaji was disappointed about not having Aari as an option. However, the focus shifted onto the least entertaining contestants of this season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Aajeedh was saved by a whisker in the last two weekends.

Aajeedh’s prospects of safety look bleak this week. Several contestants including Gabriella nominated him for evictions this week. Gabriella and Shivani were the other targets for this nomination. Rio nominated Ramya Pandian but the latter might not have enough votes to enter the nominations list for week 13.

This week’s eviction battle will be a three sided voting fight between Aajeedh, Shivani and Gabriella. The audience feels that Aajeedh got enough opportunities but the young singer failed to impress after getting a long rope. The host Kamal Hassan also warned Aajeedh about the same on Sunday’s episode.


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