Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Nominations List for Week 11 Will Target Archana and Rio?

bigg boss 4 tamil elimination nomination week 11

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 completes a decisive week as the show surpasses the expectations from the audience. After a staggering response to the events in the last couple of weeks, the contestants are facing the heat of the double-elimination from week 10.

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The weekend episodes with Kamal Hassan brought justice to Anitha. Anitha received the ‘most boring contestant’ tag and was sent to jail. However, a decision reversal on Saturday’s episode resulted in Nisha’s tenure in jail. The audience was happy about Anitha’s voice for the right and Aari’s support for her.

However, the nominations list for week 11 will be impacted by the events from the weekend episodes. With Kamal Hassan pointing out Archana’s violations of microphone usage and with two of the housemates evicted from her gang, it is bad news for Archana. Rio was also questioned by host Kamal Hassan for his favoritism towards Gabriella during the task.

According to social media buzz, Archana and Rio will be obvious nominations for the 11th week of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. Archana is likely to receive maximum votes for elimination nomination this week. However, the real awakening for her could be the support that she has on her side even after current events.

The voting results for week 11 elimination will also be a moment of reflection for the contestants as well as the audience. The ‘Anbu gang’ is under threat of dissolution while Aari, Balaji and Anitha stand to gain in this week’s voting results.


  1. Hi Rio yana satinga.earlier u started the worst performance nominee by naming Anita followed by ur Love bed group.
    Now Anita has clarified her position to Bigg Boss so u changed ur opinion by telling she only compared her with Nisha.
    Rio be honest dont twist n turn as an innocent guy.ur face mask is torn.where u want to put ur face now.Wait for ur turn to the exit door.
    Hi Archana .Ketti kariyin poiyum poorathum
    Taku teeki takuthalam.
    Yaanama u mute Som microphone to say something quietly and when u saw Anitha
    Quickly u on back the set.Again went talking to Shivani u took off the set.Archana u think we are blind and ur smarter.Ardi ya attam yaana peesiya varthai yaana.Peenalai arpu vachi yaana
    Drama is over,no more fake shows
    So ur time is up for eviction.


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