Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Is Anitha the worst performer of this week?

Anitha worst performer Bigg Boss Tamil 4

The task of selecting the best performers, the best performers, and the worst performers overall this week took place yesterday as the ‘Puthiya Manitha’ task was placed for the contestants this week at the Bigg Boss house.

Ramya and Balaji were selected as the best performers in this task. Following this, Nisha was selected as the best performer throughout the week. Archana Group then targeted Anita while choosing the worst competitor. Everyone in the Archana Group could see her face change when she referred to Anita as the worst performer this week. It is also noteworthy that the two argued when Rio said that Anita was the worst performer.

Anitha and Ramesh were then selected as the worst performers. Following this, Anitha lamented to Ramya before going to jail. ‘I was the one who worked the most on the kitchen team throughout this week. I also excelled at the captaincy responsibility given to me. Am I the worst competitor of the whole week for not doing well in just a few places?’ Anita lamented to Ramya.

Anita went to jail, lamenting that there is a whole number game in choosing the worst rivals and that their goal is to get rid of players who are unique and that Sanam Shetty is playing, intending to get me out next.

Kamal Haasan is expected to spin his whip tomorrow as the Archana Group has not changed. Kamal Haasan has already repeatedly stated that personal preference should act like a nomination foil when choosing the worst and the best contestants.

Netizens have come in support of Anitha and are tweeting:


  1. Anitha would have patiently told this to ARI instead of showing agony. Ari didn’t mean wrong. She shouldn’t have shouted at Ari. Everyone are started targetting him.


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