Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Family Week in Bigg Boss house next week

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil

It is worth noting that the Bigg Boss show will feature face-to-face events with the families of the housemates after a certain number of days each season. It is noteworthy that the contestants and their families would then soak in the sentimental rain and the spectators in the rain of tears.

Especially last season when Losliya’s father and her family arrived it was clear that the audience were drenched in tears. It has been reported that relatives of the Bigg Boss housemates will be coming to the BB house next week in this season.

Due to the coronavirus infection in the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, this time the relatives were not allowed to meet face to face. But according to the Tamil Bigg Boss show, the relatives who come to see the contestants are currently isolated and therefore they will be allowed to meet in person.

So it’s worth noting that spectators and competitors are sure to soak in the sentimental rain next week.


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