Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Eviction: Anitha has officially announced about her elimination on Twitter

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Anitha eviction

Everyone is eagerly waiting to know who is going to get evicted this week on Bigg Boss 4. But it will only be revealed during Sunday’s episode on 27th December 2020.

In this case, Anitha Sampath received the lowest number of votes this week. It is rumored that Anitha Sampath has been eliminated. It is noteworthy that Anitha has been fighting with many, including Aari and Balaji, throughout this week.

Anita’s Twitter post has almost confirmed as word spreads that Anita has just come out. “Thanks for everything,” Anita says in the post.

Some people are questioning whether this record was put by Anitha or her husband. Anitha has been the main contender this season, and she has been eliminated for fighting with Aari this week. Aari fans voted against Anitha and supported Aajeedh, which finally resulted in her eviction.


  1. Anitha ila na na bigg boss sey pakka matey wast tha yennaku theruchu. Ana ajith ila na gabrila poirukanum awongaluku makal vote panna ga apputi nu sonnigana na nampamatey. ithu induchuval game nu ippa tha yennaku puriuthu.wast of time bigg boss( Jhon di mol )1984

  2. Mr Dark white,anitha ellana dhaan neraya peru bigg boss papanga..seriya sanda kaari..ava ponave nalla erukum..ava vpice ah kekave erichala erukum..


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