Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Aari’s Missed Call Number is Not Working During Finale Week Voting, Is It Deliberate or Unfortunate?

Aari crying

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 enters its last few days as the final week will be a fun-filled, emotional affair. Several evicted contestants are all set to make their entry into the Bigg Boss house and the finalists will try to make the most out of their screen presence. Aari Arjuna is a strong contender to win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Aari Arjuna is leading all the way ever since the finale week voting commenced. However, his fans were disappointed on Monday night. Aari’s missed call number was not ringing for local and international users. This raised doubts and worries in the minds of the audience. Several finalists’ missed call numbers were working.

There is speculation around the makers trying to boost the voting results for Star Vijay’s host Rio Raj. However, Aari fans were not happy about the current incident. This is not the first time Aari’s missed call number for voting is not working. This is raising the doubts and suspiciions in the minds of the audience if the show’s voting format is rigged.

Nevertheless, Aari Arjuna continues to rule the finale week voting and he has made an astoundign impact on the audience irrespective of his title winning prospects.


  1. Dear Bigg Boss,Sari’s Votes The missed Calls are not Working from Monday Night onwards .This is the deliberate plot by some Of the Envious and Crooked People plans to defer the Most Honest person .Bigg Boss this not fair.The only Appropriate person to win the the Title of nb Bigg Boss Season 4.Please take Action against the Above said Matter.

  2. Hei Bigg Boss,we know you work for salary but either you are a hard working dog or stray dog fed food by bystanders at roadside is another matter.You knew well Aari is the clear winner with exceptional quality which other contestants worry about everyday.The votes for Aari is simply overwhelming,as per rules it is the general public who decides the winner.Not your bosses who are paid by Disney USA.This show is about promoting good attitude and humanity,Aari has proven he is worth more than that.Now my question to you is why are you being on the side of those other finalist who are pure junkyard thrash.Just hand over the winner title to Aari and more accolades to him.Thats our order to you.


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