Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Aari exposes groupism by questioning Nisha and Ramesh in today’s episode

Aari Nisha fight Bigg Boss Tamil

Although Archana’s group has been saying that there is no groupism in the Bigg Boss show, and from time to time, Kamal Haasan has been pointing out that they are not playing an individual game, the group does not seem to be changing.

In this situation, in today’s task, the problem is unexpectedly in the Archana’s group. Archana is angry with Rio and Nisha, so it is a great pleasure for those against this group.

But Nisha rushes in support of Jithan Ramesh in today’s next promo to prove that Archana’s group can’t be broken so easily. When Nisha fought with Aari in support of Ramesh, ‘Why does Nisha get angry when I tell her about Ramesh? Ari asks, ‘Why didn’t you tell Nisha not to talk and asks Ramesh a question’. Ramesh and Nisha become silent, and Aari exposes the group to the audience.

The Bigg Boss show is expected to heat up in the coming days as groupism, which had been a bit secretive until now, is slowly coming to light.

It must be noted that both Nisha and Jithan Ramesh are in danger of eviction this week with the least votes.



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