Bigg Boss Tamil 4: 5 Reasons Why Balaji Does Not Deserve the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Title Winner Position!

bigg boss tamil 4 winner balaji murugadoss

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 draws to a close this weekend. After fifteen weeks of drama, fights, friendship, and emotions, this season of Bigg Boss Tamil wooed the audience with its diversity. However, the focus shifts to the finalists as the evicted contestants left the house on Friday. The battle for winning the title is a close battle between Aari and Balaji.

Aari is leading most of the unofficial voting results and has an excellent PR team managing his social media presence. Balaji is receiving a lot of support from influencers, Youtube channels, and his modeling community. However, the pointer ticks towards Aari for the title winner position.

The neutral audience is rooting for Rio to win the title since Balaji’s negativity is not something that is handled well by them. Hence, there are several reasons why Balaji does not deserve to be the title winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

  • Balaji was trying to emulate the journey of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 winner Mugen Rao. The furious Balaji turned into an emotional hero towards the second half of the show.
  • Balaji’s constant tussles with Aari Arjuna was affecting his image outside the house. He showed less respect for renowned contestants with a decent background.
  • Balaji spoke ill about the previous winners of Bigg Boss Tamil. He claimed that the previous winners did not do anything to win the title.
  • Balaji spoke behind the back of Shivani and claimed that she was a child when he spoke to Aajeedh. He was very keen on using Aajeedh and Shivani for being his listener.
  • Balaji’s temper was a major roadblock that made him lose the respect of the fellow contestants in the house.


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