Bigg Boss Tamil 4 19th December: Ramya and Archana Get Warning From Kamal Hassan, Aari Fans Rejoice!

aari ramya fight bigg boss tamil december 19th

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is drawing to a close soon with just one month left. Ten contestants are in the house and one of them will be eliminated this week. Seven contestants including Aari, Rio and Shivani were nominated for eliminations this week. Aajeedh, Archana and Somshekar are in danger of eviction but the suspense will be revealed on Sunday’s episode by Kamal Hassan.

Aari’s fans were upset about the way Ramya pounced on Aari for going second. However, the fans’ ‘kurumpadam’ showed that Aari initiated his request to go second in the ‘chicken vs wolves’ task and Ramya mentioned that he could do anything he wants. Archana also showed her frustration against Aari for going second and that he was out of line.

The host Kamal Hassan discussed this incident with Aari on 19th December’s episode but Ramya quickly interrupted. This caused a brief altercation and the promo shows Ramya is visibly disappointed. However, Aari’s fans are roasting Ramya Pandian for her actions on social media platforms. There are high chances Aari’s army might function against Ramya Pandian in the upcoming days.


  1. Yaana maa Archana, plan allam not working ar. U whisper to other contestants to aim for Aari eviction but in return its other way round.Nee thirentha mathi ya.
    Nalla artham podure.eithu yallam unnake arpu tha.
    Rio pathe apa apa archana kuthi kira onmalla. Nisha ke archana arpu vacha mari unna kum vaikapora
    Shivani nalla drama tha crying in confession room.ur drama only for a while.cant last long with cunning tactics.
    Bala ur an idiot,thinking ur smart woth ur tactical game.U set up for shivani to win the chicken vs wolf game. U pretend to be innocent by telling a sobbing tale to big boss.U think those watching ar fools.Ur a chemelon trying to be informer to archana whenever u talk to Aari.Pity Shivani ur using her to satisfy ur frustration.thats why Yassika walk away from u.
    Ramya another hypocrite with her cunning smile but play double game to safeguard her place.U ar being watched.beware

  2. Sincerely hope this session brings to the audience a message of good culture and behaviour needed in the society and not just winning games using strategies that reflects bad in human relatinship and family. Good character and value should win…or else it dies unnaturally as it politics.


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