Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Results September 7: Sherin vs Cheran, Who Will Be Eliminated This Week? Vote Now to Save Your Favorite Contestant


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 gears up for its elimination weekend. Kavin, Mugen, Losliya, Cheran and Sherin are nominated for eliminations this week. The inclusion of Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi and Abirami might be a game changer for the rest of the season in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. While Vanitha promotes individuality, the Boys group strives to hold their pack together until the finals.

This week’s elimination voting results for Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is still inconclusive as Cheran and Sherin are battling it out to save themselves from the final spot in terms of audience voting numbers.

Sherin vs Cheran Vote – Last Day to Save Your Contestant 

Cheran is likely to be eliminated this week as his attention in the house is reducing by the day. He is not getting enough screen time though his points and ability to tackle issues is still at par with his past behavior.

bigg boss 3 tamil vanitha vs sherin

Sherin might save herself by a whisker this week. Though her attitude in dealing with house related tasks is dismal, she might have done enough to gain the sympathy of the audience. From being a strong contender for the title, Sherin has stooped down to a level where she has to save herself from elimination.

Please vote for your favorite contestant among Cheran and Sherin below.

Cheran vs Sherin – Elimination Voting for September 8th

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Will TRP factor Save Sherin?

The Sherin – Tharshan relationship fiasco is been escalated to a very disturbing level by Vanitha, after it was called an affair. The recent video of Tharshan’s girl friend outside the Bigg Boss house breaking up with him considering his relationship with Sherin throws more light on Sherin and Tharshan.


It would be interesting to see how the host Kamal Hassan tackles this issue in the house.



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