Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results September 3: Sherin Trails In Terms of Vote Count, Kavin Riding High on Audience Sympathy?


After a rather uneventful week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, the audience were bestowed with high quality controversies. Kavin was likely to be the scapegoat of the ‘Boys Group’, Cheran, Sherin and literally everyone in the house except Losliya.

Were The Boys Group Genuine Or Was Their Plot Scripted to Perfection?

During the elimination nominations, the audience felt that the Boys group came in with a different strategy. The usual song, fun and gala mood gave way for some tears and sympathy seeking footage.

Dressed uniformly in their “Gurunadha!” hoodies, the boys group felt the need for a change in their game plan. While the whole act seemed genuine, Twitter was abuzz with requests to chuck out Losliya and Kavin from the show. Sandy and Kavin were in deep tears, followed by Tharshan too. However, Kavin’s stand of staying to ensure that his friends win was bluntly condemned by the Vanitha and Cheran.


However, from the way the audience vote trends are swinging, it looks like Kavin’s strategy is working.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Count for the Ninth Elimination – Day 1 of Voting- (As of September 3rd)

Kavin – 53625 votes

Mugen – 35462 votes

Losliya – 30251 votes

Cheran – 27562 votes

Sherin – 22365 votes


From the voting trends on Day 1, Sherin trails the lot but these early numbers can be highly inconclusive. Twitter was trending with “Save Kavin” themed tweets which seems to be working in his favor. He is taking a lead at the top.

Will Sakshi and Vanitha Ruin Kavin’s Lead?

Kavin fans can be happy at the moment. However, with Sakshi’s entry and Vanitha’s fury against Kavin and Losliya the future looks bleak for Kavin.

bigg boss 3 tamil september 3 vanitha vs kavin

While one section of the audience believes he is genuine, there is another section of the audience which is tired of the Kavin and Losliya drama. The ‘Losliya Army’ is dying as we speak. Her support base is shrinking by the day as she is not taking a stand for things.

This week’s elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is likely to be one of the most interesting ones in the 72 days of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 so far.

To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

Contestant Name Profession Status Missed Call Number
Vote For Losliya Srilankan Newsreader In House 836 7796 805
Vote For Cheran Director In House 836 7796 802
Vote For Fathima Babu Actress Eliminated 836 7796 803
Vote For Kavin Raj Actress In House 836 7796 804
Vote For Abhirami Venkatachalam Actor Eliminated 836 7796 801
Vote For Madhumitha Actress In House 836 7796 806
Vote For Saravanan Actor In House 836 7796 812
Vote For Vanitha Vijay Kumar Actress Eliminated 836 7796 817
Vote For Sherin Shringar Actress In House 8367796813
Vote For Sakshi Agarwal Model and Actress In House 836 7796 810
Vote For Mohan Vaidhya Singer Eliminated 836 7796 807
Vote For Saravanan Actor In House 836 7796 812
Vote For Sandy Choreographer In House 8367796811
Vote For Mugen Rao Singer and actor In House 8367796808
Vote For Reshma Pasupuleti Model and actress In House 836 7796 809
Vote For Meera Mithun Actress Eliminated 836 7796 816


Who do you think will get eliminated this week? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. U seem to be so judgemental on yr review. You definetly have to be the sucker for Vanitha and Cheran. For those mindfuckers who just wanna fuck things up for people. Sadistic behaviour that’s what they portray.

  2. Very bad take decision tamil people voting to kavin, he is one kind of selfish,envy fellow,no:1cheater kavin,what game he is playing ,eadiets,kamal sir please take action ,kavin losliya Sandi ,Mugan,is one party,kavin no 1 , ‘420’

    • yes you are right because i am eelam tamil i want support losliya and kavin but i don,t know whys people voting kavin because he is wrong attitude he can,t love within 4 weeks 4 girls then 2 girls then totally changing 1 girls this is else so not sure because losliya a young lady she doesn’t what,s on going still she need to be respect already kavin close with other girls

  3. paramsiva we like to losliya and kavin.they are well playing love matter.its for fun.this want in the TRP.Some people like love matter.some people don’t like.this is to portray people.only biggboss saturday claps doesn’t matter.out side people what they like.they like to support losliya ,kavin.kavin told outside people came in the Biggboss.they need to winning the game.its correct.they need future life.thatswhy they came to biggboss.vanitha irritating,hunting ,tiggering.this isnot her biggboss mates.MGR ALSO SRILANKAN.VANITHA dont like others come to first.only vanitha is thinking her come to first and win the game.not good her manners.she is triggering.bad manner.

  4. sherin not play well in the biggboss.sandy,tharsan,mugin,los,kavin well play.cheran sir sitting in the chair and watching others play.cheran sir isnot well player.sir only know direct the movie.TRP IN THE BIGGBOSS LOSLIYA AND KAVIN

    • The judgment not base on favourisme by Vijay TV. Here we seeing every personalty of the induviduals so people will vote for the best personalities. Base on this my vote for the boys n losliya. They are live as who are they not pretend like cheran. Cheran unable accept about losliya who didnt stop Kevin while said cheran has do drama but he forgot last time while vanitha and madhumota blamming losliya he was agree with them. That’s a reason I told cheran doing drama.

      • Losliya love panranu sakshi sollitu bodhu yaarum nambala… instead sakshi ya kettavalaki veliya anupitanga… ipo shakshi dhanae nadakudhu… public are dumb….. idiotic kavin ku 7 ponnu ketkudho? Konjam kuda guilty ah illama…. vetkam illama irukan…. avanga Amma valarppu semma

        • unga amma unna nalla valathukuraaga…..rmba nalla pesitiga poga,
          aven lifa apdiyo choose pandran nee yaru kka vote potia poitayy iru…summa mathavagala korathana solla therium ungalku epdiyee kora solitu irukurathuthana unga velaiyee.

  5. வனிதா வெளிய அனுப்பனும்.வாய அடக்கமுடியாது.சரியில்லாத பொம்புள.வாயில குத்தவேண்டும்.ஏன் திரும்பி வந்தது.

    • She is too gud compared to boys gang and losliya…. sherin important illayam kavin ku but nominate pannitu aluguvanam…. porukki porambokku…. ivan ellam tamilana? Mudhugula kuthuran….coward

      • Do you thinking that kavin shakshi relationship kavin is doing drama but shakshi is genuine… Shakshi hadn’t solve the problems in matured way . At one point she had reason to nominate kavin it is not good manner . We Hurt shakshi vannitha cheran

  6. I think biggboss and house mates are targeting kavin and losliya. The so called Raja guru also playing a big part in the eviction process. My question is if a boy and a girl just talking is it a big offence? We have seen many Raja guru films with unwanted material like kissing hugging and many dirty scenes. They are all done in reality and we are seeing in pictures. But in kavin and losliya matter, they haven’t done any wrong doings except talking with each other. Why biggboss and housemates are projecting them as wrong persons.Biggboss always targeting both by camera and housemates gossiping about them always respectively.This type of act is rediculous and should be condemned.

    • Play a fair game according to the task and daily routine…kavin and loskiya are good at their relationship but they are go not participting good at task.. Only they know give up for others to create sympathy votes for them.. Influencing others for your own benefits is not good in the name of friendship.. If they don’t want to win let them go out of the show but they are nominating others for their gang.. Misguide others in the group for their own benefit. Tharshan and megun they good at task they wont give up not like losliey kavin.. Why kavin wants losliey to come to final.. She doesn’t have sportive spirit in this game…Unfait selfish motives behind his friendship drama..

  7. Sherin will be eliminated this week. Kavin or Liya should go finals others not giving content till now Cheran is worst among all.

  8. Sherin tha win pannanum gyus avanga ellarkittayum oru nalla advisor plus ella taskium nalla panranga avangaluku bigboss win panna thaguthi iruku guys dont vote fr kavin and other members pls u have to save sherin this is game show not a love show guys its my request pls u have to safe the sherin she is a good character and good humanbeing guys pls support sherin?

  9. Mugen should win the title. A polished honest gentleman. Cheran is a sly fox resting on his laurels as a director but he is a moron and possesive over someones daughter Losliya. Sherin is trying to play a good girl but actually she is not. Too cunning and trying to advice others but she break down often with a subtle love for Darshan who doesnt bother her.Kavin is a reasonable and rational guy except for his love towards Losliya.

    • Sherin already showed her colour in the first few episode with her so called gang, Shakshi, Abi and Vanitha towards Madhumitha. Each and everytime she she find fault on her. After her gang left, she seems to be very well behaved, humble and etc. etc.

  10. Right from FIRST WEEK, Kavin has been planning as to how to win with the prevailing situations under the guise FRIENDSHIP. Instrumental to spoil the images of some women who have been eliminated. Now for the past few weeks has been lamenting that somebody within his friends has to win the title. Latest scapegoat being the Srilankan Tamil girl. Vanitha after her second entry wisely targeting with the facts agst Kavin. In fact Cheran with all his experience in moving with the society-humble in nature- decent in behaviour, stick to principles standing high against the shrewd & cunning Kavin.

  11. vote all time kavin first I think voting chatting favor for Kevin because he is working vijai TV people not like kavin he is no .1 420 please not support kavin.

  12. you are correct mohanraj agreed .Kavin is using friendship and love as strategy.First he was in love with many girls now frienship . No one will agree

  13. i like kavin and losliya and mugen
    sherin veliya po porapa vanithavaum kutitu po ava emsa thngamudila pa
    avaluku emotion ellathamariye panra mairu

    • I’m from Chennai also. I agree he is a the talented boy who deserve to be at least in final. It’s unfair to his family and fans as they are not entitled to vote. Only we people in TN should support. Time for fair play.

  14. Chaney, Kavin Loslia and Mugen are not playing their role. They are planning to eliminate Cherian and Sherin in the following weeks so that they will win among themselves. People vote for the right contestants

  15. See big boss rules should not talk in English but most of the time people use to Talk in English Oly example vanitha and sheerin very worst please Mr Kamal sir look in to this …..,

  16. Sherin or Cheran should go out… Sherin is not playing her game properly and getting disturbed by few emotional dialogues… Cheran is not playing properly this week… When Vanitha is calling Loslia Chandramugi he is not even reacting when he still mentioned he still treats her as daughter. Cheran is clear Drama.

  17. Kavin s num one cheater….than y the tamil Nadu people vote for him….I dont know….people are pls find who’s are very good person in the bb home.

  18. All big boss is another name is goob useless boss and it is useless, valivanda Mari addruthu, all should eleminator and Kamal Haasan also eleminator.instead of watching this you can watch some other movie and etc. If you are going to watch useless big boss 22295 it is nothing to use. I will give you suggestions for not to watch big naughty boss.

  19. It is waste of time to watch and it is not like a lolusanthanam joke. Why are laughing like a mental and emotional and why are you giving vote for them.

  20. Kavin the contestant who is not at all worth to be in BB who is not all doing any task , he is doing nothing but love in BB. Why is getting vote is the big question. Who is voting for him . He and Loss is not worth to be in BB especially Kavin. Very poor performer in BB. Worst behaviour giving and teaching wrong signal to the younger generation. BB , Pl eleminate him to save your name in BB not for ur TRB.


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