Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results September 20 : Sherin Trails on Day 5 of Audience Voting, Losliya Will Be Eliminated If Sherin Wins Ticket to Finale?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completed 89 days this week and the show is setup for some sensational twists in the coming days. The upcoming days in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 will be gripping as the #Tickettofinale tasks will conclude. Mugen leads the ticket to finale task leaderboard while Kavin and Losliya trail. Vanitha’s eviction is likely to reduce the amount of controversies. Last week was emotion filled with the near and dear ones of the existing contestants visited the house.
UPDATE – Sherin saved, who gets eliminated? Read here

Fathima Babu, Vanitha, Meera, Mohan Vaidya, Reshma, Sakshi, Madhumita, Abirami and Kasthuri are eliminated so far. Vanitha was the last elimination from the Bigg Boss house. However, Cheran was lucky enough to get the secret room opportunity and is back in the house.

This week’s elimination nominations were Cheran, Sherin, Kavin and Losliya.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Count for the Tenth Elimination – Day 5 of Voting- (As of September 20th)

Kavin – 135225 votes

Cheran – 114262 votes

Losliya – 79515 votes

Sherin – 65261 votes

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Share for the Tenth Elimination – Day 5 of Voting- (As of September 18th) According to The News Crunch Polls

Kavin – 33%

Cheran – 22%

Losliya – 24%

Sherin – 21%

Though major polling reports suggested a fight between Losliya and Sherin for the final spot, The News Crunch polls suggest a fight between Cheran and Sherin. Cheran’s inability to fight with the young guns in physical tasks might be the reason for the fall.

Who is Your Favorite Contestant This Week? Save them from elimination!!



According to the voting results on Day 2, Sherin is trailing as expected. However, these are early trends which is subjected to change over the week. Losliya Army needs to step up to save their queen this week. The gap between Sherin and Losliya is reducing. Their performances in the tasks will play a crucial role in the upcoming days.

Losliya Vs Sherin : Who Will Win the Elimination Battle?

Last week, it was Sherin vs Vanitha. Sherin emerged successful, thanks to Vanitha’s highly negative image. However, this week Sherin is in sheer danger as Losliya has considerable fan following. However, this week’s audience voting counts will also be dependant on the performances of the contestants in the ‘Road to Finale’ tasks.

sherin mother losliya

Though Losliya is determined to win the game, Sherin is a better player when it comes to her. It will be interesting to see if Losliya’s performances will save her from elimination this week. Cheran’s inability to fight is a blessing in disguise for Losliya.

Who will be eliminated this week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Cheran will be saved this week as he got good support after last week’s secret room and approval of Los family. He has also changed his game and has stopped interfering in Los-Kavin dubagoor romance. I wish Sherin wins ticket to finale so that Los is out. Los has fallen so badly from grace that she has become a disgrace to the fans who supported her.

    • As SL Tamil I wanted to say Loze disgracefully to all SL Tamils and her family. She and Kavin need to go and let the people decide who deserves to be in final. Definitely Loze won’t come in final. Her parents and her siblings can’t go in public because of how she behaves. If I were her dad I would of slap her in front of all the bigboss hose mates.

  2. kavin win the final bigg boss dharsan and sandy ya namba vendam nenga win pananum ungala muttalakkuraanga so nambathinga sherin tharsan sandy yaraium nambathinga please all the best win panrathu negatha all the best ipavum solure kavin entha thapum panala pannavagala velila poitanga kavin win pananum

  3. Kavin and losliya must eliminate.. hate to this 2 people.not interested game ..only love. Not respect parents word. Vijay tv and kamal planning safe kavin for his family situation money. Kavin not deserve to bb house.

  4. sherin velila poganum and cheran sir kavin velila pona i hate biggboss sherin dharsan pannathu sariya friend nu poi solitu irukangala dhairiyama open ah irukrathu kavin best relationship best character best love very handsome kavin win pananum kavin velila pona poi pesuravangatha biggboss la irukanunun arathama

  5. sherin tharsan ah love panitu ilanu rendu beru jolly ah irukanga so itha na ethirpe i hate biggboss sherin romba nallava mathi over acting panra unmaiyana relationship ku thaguthi illathava bad girl and tharsan kavin and lossliya apdi ilaa biggboss negatha sollanum naga vote panatha meri cheran sir vetla irukanga itha na ethirpe cheran and sherin velila poganum

  6. sakshi la oru ponu mathiye nadakala abirami kavina love pana sakshi help pana aprama sakshi kavina love pana ithula enathu kavin sakshiya love panala avalala love panitalum vilangidum losliya mathi nalla ponatha kavin love panura all the best kavin nega win pananum and lovelaum

  7. velila oru relationship vachitu tharsan pathutu irukka sherin keta friend nu solura vekama illa sherin unaku asingama irukku chi ne biggboss ku thaguthi illa i hate you

  8. engaloda vote meerium kavina velila anupuningana i hate kamal sir and biggboss makkal vote kavin ku athutha unma nenga panrathu thappu i hate you biggboss venda inima konduvarathinga biggboss program venda makkal oppinient ah meeri ivagala mudivu edupangala pinna ethukku vote poda soluringa engal vote kavin ku kavin win pananum leading laum avar tha irukkaru so mudivu naanga sollitom

  9. As a character less girl loslija. So why are the bigg boss having losliya. She is irritating so much the audience. Cheran is the dedicated player. People think from today bigg boss is not genuine person and kamal sir also. Because kamal sir know the genuine person who is. But he also support the cheated person..we don’t know why. I think Vijay tv lost the TRP rate and the audience.



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