Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results September 11: Vanitha Is in the Bottom With Sherin, Cheran’s Reentry Will Affect Kavin’s Prospects?

kavin bigg boss eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completed 80 days this week and the show is setup for some sensational twists in the coming days. The eviction of the first wild card entry, Kasthuri Shankar and the reentry of the controversial contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar, changes the dynamics of the house.

Fathima Babu, Vanitha, Meera, Mohan Vaidya, Reshma, Sakshi, Madhumita, Abirami, Kasthuri and Cheran are eliminated so far. However, Cheran is still in the This week’s eliminations (though fake) will be one of the most interesting in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 as of now as it will be crucial in seeing if the Boys group will divide or not.

Sandy, Tharshan, Kavin, Vanitha and Sherin are nominated for eliminations this week. 

Kavin, Tharshan and Sandy Are Comfortably Positioned In this Week’s Elimination – Overall Results

Sandy, Tharshan and Kavin were nominated for eliminations week alongside Vanitha and Sherin. The audience continued to back Kavin as the frontrunner, in spite of growing differences between himself and Vanitha. Also, Sandy’s rub with Losliya seems to be breaking the unity of the Boys group. Kavin stood for Losliya in the spat between Sandy and Losliya. We will wait and watch if this impacts the audience mindset in the upcoming days of voting.


However, from the way the audience vote trends are swinging, it looks like Kavin’s strategy is working.

Kavin and Vanitha Are Frontrunners for Elimination in The News Crunch Polls

Though the overall picture paints a fight between Sherin and Vanitha, Kavin is in danger according to The News Crunch polls. The fans of Kavin seem to be visibly unhappy about his behavior and attitude. Interestingly, it is not reflecting in the overall trends. Will the News Crunch polls prove the other polls to be wrong? We will wait and watch.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Count for the Ninth Elimination – Day 3 of Voting- (As of September 11th)

Which Contestant Will Be Eliminated This Week?

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Kavin – 129362 votes

Tharshan – 115361 votes

Sandy – 85632 votes

Sherin – 71236 votes

Vanitha – 55623 votes


From the voting trends on Day 1, Vanitha trails the lot but these early numbers can be highly inconclusive. Kavin took the lead at the top similar to last week’s voting patterns.

Sherin vs Vanitha Battle to Continue Even After Cheran’s Entry?

Kavin fans can be happy at the moment. However, the battle between Vanitha and Sherin for the last spot is set to intensify in the coming days. Will Cheran’s reentry ease the pressure on Sherin, Vanitha and throw the spotlight on Kavin?

bigg boss 3 tamil september 3 vanitha vs kavin

While one section of the audience believes Sherin is genuine, there is another section of the audience which is tired of the Tharsha and Sherin drama. Sherin seems to have no other choice other than teaming up with Vanitha for the upcoming days. Interestingly, Sherin nominated Vanitha for the eliminations as well.

This week’s elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is likely to be one of the most interesting ones in the 80 days of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 so far.

To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

Contestant NameProfessionStatusMissed Call Number
Vote For LosliyaSrilankan NewsreaderIn House836 7796 805
Vote For CheranDirectorIn House836 7796 802
Vote For Fathima BabuActressEliminated836 7796 803
Vote For Kavin RajActressIn House836 7796 804
Vote For Abhirami VenkatachalamActorEliminated836 7796 801
Vote For MadhumithaActressIn House836 7796 806
Vote For SaravananActorIn House836 7796 812
Vote For Vanitha Vijay KumarActressEliminated836 7796 817
Vote For Sherin ShringarActressIn House8367796813
Vote For Sakshi AgarwalModel and ActressIn House836 7796 810
Vote For Mohan VaidhyaSingerEliminated836 7796 807
Vote For SaravananActorIn House836 7796 812
Vote For SandyChoreographerIn House8367796811
Vote For Mugen RaoSinger and actorIn House8367796808
Vote For Reshma PasupuletiModel and actressIn House836 7796 809
Vote For Meera MithunActressEliminated836 7796 816


Who do you think will get eliminated this week? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I think Kavin really loved Los from the very beginning, and Los too but quite correctly in a most beautiful and modest way advised him to discuss about it once both went outside. She had never misbehaved in any way and both her parents & sisters had endorsed this. Thought youngest in the Team, a very brave and intelligent girl who never minced words. All of us were emotionally upset and cried with her and with her parents, when they visited her, inside the BB house. Her parents , specially her Father should be commended on the upbringing of his children.we Hope she becomes one of the finalists.

  2. kavin mela entha thavarum illa kavin velila poga kudathu nalla task la win panrathu kavin sandy tharsan losliya mugin matha yarum game vilaiyada varla mathavagala thappu solrathuke vanthurukanga mukiama vanitha i hate vanitha kavin poga kudathu avanga win pananum task la avara romba ala vaikanga mukiama cheran sir i hate real love avanga game laum win pannuvanga love laum win pannuvanga

  3. Deserving winner is kavin. He is the only one battle against all odds very well. Vanita should replace kamalahaassan. She will do a better job than kamalahassan.

    • Kavin pombula porukki illa bcz avan oruthar ku oruthar theriyama ematha illa nd boys apdi than grls ku gollu viduvanga site adippanga athu illanda avan boy a illa Ok so neega pothunga los unmya love pannina vittu pova mattal pannina endha appa ku pudikka illandu solli kalatti vida elathu appa ku ketta love pannina kavin we are the sprt u los da appa real hero va irundha love a sethu veppa?

  4. I support all guys in BB house..all are having individual character and spirit to play a game in genuine and correct way..Now vanitha character also good..she understand game..I am little disappointed with Kavin.. because of him only.. losliya not focused game.. After visit ing losliya parents..she will decide to play game in correct way..I hope she will come in finalist.cheran sir is a genuine person.he stands and guide losliya to play game..his advice is outside you will decide your life with discussion of your family members.. because he is also father of two daughters…he treated losliya has a daughter…Thanks cheran sir and wish you for your movie success.Tharshan and mugen rao your are tough contestant in BB house..sherin play a game in super way..sandy your are comedian in BB house..You have many talents..but you didn’t show in BB house..please show your talents in BB house..I wish you…you will be come as a finalists


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